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Do you find yourself looking for another job or career? Or would you rather spend your time enjoying with family or learning something new? Our team of dedicated career job search specialists can enhance your quality of life by helping you find your next job, while you enjoy the time you deserve.

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Resume, CV and Cover Letter Writing with 3-5 days turn around and 1 month of unlimited revisions

LinkedIn Profile Creation or Updation

Job Application and follow ups

Interview Preparation and Coaching

60-Day Interview Guarantee*

Three Tailor Made Packages
  • Executive Level Job Finder Package is for experienced professionals pursuing manager, director, VP, or C-level positions in any field
  • Functional Level Job Finder Package is for professionals with 3+ years of work experience in any field pursuing roles supervisor or below
  • Entry Level Job Finder Package is for fresh graduates and candidates with 0-2 years of work experience in any field


Step 3:

Sit back, relax, and leave the searching to us. YOUR SEARCH AGENT WILL GET TO WORK!


We save you hundreds of hours in your job search process. And because we are experts in the area of job searches, we have access to hard-to-find job roles and know what it takes to succeed in this difficult job market. Furthermore, we put our professionalism to work for you, getting you prepared for your big interview! With us, you’ll get a job faster while freeing up your time for other things (your family, e-learning, and more).

Services We Offer

Resume Writing
LinkedIn Profile Developer
Curriculum Vitae Writing
Cover Letter Writing
Job Applications
Application Follow Up
Interview Preparation and Coaching

Pricing Packages

Don’t need the full package? We offer ala cart pricing

Ala Carte Pricing

Entry Level Job Finder

Executive Level Job Finder

Functional Level Job Finder

Resume Writing $190 $410 $100
LinkedIn Profile Developer $190 $410 $100
Curriculum Vitae Writing $190 $410 $100
Cover Letter Writing $190 $410 $100
Job Applications $510 $1,180 $300
Interview Preparation and Coaching $270 $600 $150
Career Test and Coaching $270 $600 $150
Credit & Debit Cards (MasterCard & Visa)
Western Union
Bank Transfers

Our customers speak to our value

Nedal Kumar

What I love about the Silverfox Job Finder is the staff’s unrelenting dedication and persistence in helping clients to achieve their goals, as well as their unmatched ability to treat and see clients in their greatest potential. The Silverfox Job Finder team truly care about every single one of us and they strive every day to be there for us and guide us to the best of their ability. They have helped me when I couldn’t help myself and that’s the reason why I thank and respect them so much.

Ashley Burkasi

Silverfox Job Finder has been very responsive and resourceful in helping me seek employment opportunities. My consultant went out of her way to support me and prepared me extremely well for interviews and kept in constant contact. From resume writing to mock interviews and general career advice, I could always rely on her incessant assistance. The experience made me feel like an individual rather than just another number looking for a job.

Bruno Chimaka

I am new to the country and Silverfox Job Finder was one of the many places I went to for support with my job search. The team really helped me by addressing all my issues, providing me with useful information, sending job-related and event-related emails, etc. Silverfox team helped me gain confidence by making me prepare for job interviews. I highly recommend SIlverfox Job Finder to all newcomers.

Frequently asked Questions

What is Job Finder?

Job Finder is a service offered by Silverfox Qatar to all professionals that are looking for their dream job. We have a team of experts in Job searches that would asses you in preparing your resume, CV, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile or Interviews for finding your hard-to-find job roles. With us, you’ll get a job faster while freeing up your time for other things.

Do you guarantee a job?

Yes, in Job Finder we give our clients 60 Day Interview Guarantee.

What types of professionals do you work with?

Job Finder is composed of different professionals that are highly skilled in creating Resume, CV, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile developer. We have experts also in finding jobs based on our client’s profile. We offer also one on one interview screening and interview with our CEO.

Why should I choose Silverfox Job Finder?

You should Silverfox Job Finder because we’re a team of experts that can help find your dream job. We have a set of dedicated professionals that will assist you in every preparation needed for your next job.

How to pay?

Payments can be done through MasterCard or Visa debit and credit card, western union and Bank Transfer.

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