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With the skills of our team of developers, you’ll get a fully integrated, highly customized web development solution at an affordable price. No matter what your website needs to say, we’ve got you covered.

We Provide Web Development Services that Meet Your Specific Needs

Silverfox has decades of  experience in web design and development, we can offer you a number of web development services, including:

  • Designing responsive websites
  • Development of ecommerce websites
  • Maintenance of the website

With that experience and expertise combined, we have one of the best web development teams in the industry!

Regardless of your needs, we can create a custom development project that you will love. Request a quote from us today.

This is our philosophy for developing web applications

With an array of web development services we offer, Silverfox has handled nearly every aspect of development. We have developed, coded, and collaborated with our clients to deliver the best results regardless of the investment they make.

Whether you are already generating sales and leads online or want to generate traffic to your site, our developers know that core functionality is crucial for success. If you want a website that constantly draws traffic, engages visitors, and converts them to paying customers, then your website simply needs to work.

Silverfox’s web development team has done it for ourselves and so many other clients in the past.

Regardless of the type of post you’re looking for, we can craft, implement, and test it until it’s the most efficient one possible.

Our team will also perform a series of stress tests on your site to verify its capability to withstand heavy traffic loads, at the same time eliminating any bugs we find along the way.

With our web development team, you can be sure that you are getting the services you need — and at a good value. When you partner with us, we’ll make sure you succeed, and we’ll work hard for you.

The way our web developers create

We have made it a policy for our team of web engineers to always stay on the cutting edge of Internet marketing. They take regular steps to refine and update their skills so they can always offer our clients the very best results.

This means acquiring knowledge and practicing the necessary skills through a variety of coding languages.

Our developers have developed numerous applications from scratch, including web and desktop software, using HTML, PHP, Java, JavaScript, and other programming languages. They have created new solutions for many clients and companies all over the world.

These include SEO Checker and a bunch of other SEO apps that our clients use everyday.

There are more than a few other applications our development team has created for ourselves and our clients. Whether you want to generate leads, generate traffic, or provide a solution for your clients, we have a way to do it for you.

We have an amazing team of developers

Since our developers are skilled in how to optimize and enhance your brand’s online presence, they are able to suggest new ways to help you succeed in the digital world.

Our team members actively participate in strategizing on how to make your marketing campaign successful. They are able to tell you what has worked in the past, what may work in the future, and what has worked now.

Our developers will utilize their experience and expertise to provide you with the best website development solution for your business. We firmly believe that we’re here to assist you with the absolute best website development solution.

The skill set of our developers

Silverfox software engineers understand that the efficiency they achieve when coding website functionality involves precisely the right amount of code. Every bit of code they write has to work optimally to make the website run like a well-tuned machine.

We realize this because we’re more than just a web development firm. We’re a full-service Internet marketing agency. That means our Web developers understand search engine optimisation, UX, responsive design, and other marketing skills that a development-only firm might lack.

Our developers use that knowledge to design and develop websites that not only stand the test of time but pay dividends all the time. Not only do we deliver a solution for today, but we create a lasting solution for your business online, no matter how fast technology evolves.

Get a Custom Website Optimized for Mobile and SEO!

Silverfox is an established web design development agency in Qatar with award-winning design expertise. Their mission is to create high-quality and effective websites that catch your audience’s attention and drive conversions to your website to help you realize your goals.

Your website is the face of your brand, and it should be representative of your products and professional image.

Put your site’s future in Silverfox’s hands

We will provide you with a professional website that is:

  • Custom-made
  • Mobile-friendly (also called accessible)
  • A search engine optimization (SEO) friendly website
  • Secure (HTTPS)
  • Styled professionally

Additional features can also be included in your professional website design. We can add databases to your design, enable ecommerce functionality, and more.

Maximizing your revenue through web design

The first interaction consumers have with your business is through your website today in the digital age. This is why many users’ first impression of your company is dictated by the web design. It is also for this reason web design services can be very valuable to your bottom line.

Consequently, more companies are investing in their website designs, as well as outsourcing their web services to Silverfox, a web design company in Qatar that has increased revenue for its clients by over 400%.

Having achieved more than 50 website design awards, we’re confident that we can design websites that increase sales for your business.

Our web design portfolio

Our work is outstanding! View examples from our more than 1,000 web design projects below. Or click here to view our entire portfolio!


Web design services with transparent prices

We provide comprehensive web design services, and our clients can expect 100 percent transparency. We offer our clients everything from customized quotes to initial designs, including detailed information about our web design pricing and strategies.

With our easy-to-use calculator, you’ll get an accurate, free, and instant estimate for the services we provide.

With our rapid web design services, you will relaunch your redesigned or brand new website in no time. Our team of award-winning web designers will create your website in 30 days for your business.

What do Silverfox’s web design services include?

Our web design team will handcraft a website that is tailored to the needs of your company. As a result, you are able to customize every feature of our services to suit your needs, products, or services. This results in a website your company and its visitors will love.

Here are some details on our website design services:

Search engine optimization os SEO

Optimizing your website’s ranking for powerful search engine results is key to maximizing the performance of your site design or redesign. To do this, we make sure your website follows best practices for search engine optimization.

Getting ranked higher in search results means being more visible to users in your target audience. Increased visibility can lead to more clicks and traffic from high-value users, resulting in more store visits, online purchases, quote requests, and more.

In addition to our Internet marketing team, we have a team of award-winning digital marketers. It allows our designers to make sure your site has a great look and ranks well in search results.

Website pages

The page of your website we design for you will be unique based on the features and functionality that you need.

Our designers can design the right web pages for your eStore from brick-and-mortar business, to service provider to reach, inform, and convert your targeted audience. We also offer premium copywriting services to enhance your marketing campaign.

We offer five tiers for the number of web pages:

  • 1 to 10 pages
  • 10 to 50 pages
  • 50 to 150 pages
  • 150 to 250 pages
  • More than 250 pages

For pages exceeding 250 pages, use our project quote calculator to submit a request for an exact quote, or feel free to contact us online. Our strategists will create a custom plan and quote for the pages you need, whether it’s 300 or 500 pages.

Our team can help if you are unsure how to design your website. You can get years of advice and trusted recommendations about web design by calling us at (insert contact number here)

Customized style

A website needs to reflect your brand, and that’s why we provide unlimited options when it comes to style. For instance, if your company intends to emphasize the quality and price range of your products, our team will be able to help you with that.

Here are some examples of website styles:

  • Beautiful and easy to read
  • Styled modestly
  • High-end
  • World-class

To provide you with an accurate quote estimate, our web design quote calculator features all four styles, as well as an option that does not include styling. Though not limited to these five options, we want your website to be customized to your needs.

We recommend requesting a quote online or calling with our strategists to let us know your preferences. You will also work with a dedicated project manager, who will become familiar with your business, goals, and vision. We apply that knowledge when designing a custom, unique website. 

Website copywriting

With our web design services, we also offer copywriting for maximum impact. We use our experienced and specialized writers who are proficient in the technical and non-technical industries to craft compelling copy that will engage and convert website visitors.

There are three levels of website copywriting services we offer:

  • 5 – 10 pages
  • 10 – 25 pages
  • 25 – 50 pages

Our quote and design plan can be customized to cover more than 50 pages.

We optimize your website copy for SEO as part of our website copywriting services, which means that our digital marketing specialists research organic keywords for your business, industry, and webpages, which our copywriters then use to optimize your website copy.

In most cases, when consumers search using those keywords, your website appears near the top of search results. This is an amazing advantage, as 75 percent of users don’t go past the first page of search results.

Responsive design

With our website designing services we have also got the option of customizing the responsive design. However, responsive design is best because it accommodates mobile users, such as shoppers browsing via their tablets or smartphones.

More than half of the Internet’s traffic comes from mobile users, so it’s important to provide mobile support. As a result, Google now follows mobile-first indexing, which means it crawls and views the website from a mobile user’s perspective.

The Google algorithm changes your ranking according to whether or not your website supports mobile users. As a result, it could push your site down on page two, keeping your target audience off of your site.

Using our responsive design service, we ensure that doesn’t happen to your business.

Database integration

Almost every company’s website features database functionality, such as the ability to process payments. Our support of database integration is broken down into three tiers:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Full development

If you don’t need database integration for your business you can choose “none” in the cost calculator.

Within our database integration services, our designers and developers work one-on-one with your company to ensure a customized database that meets its needs and wants.

Do you need database integration for your company? Our experienced strategists can advise and coordinate with our web developers to assure you receive what your business needs.

Ecommerce functionality

We have e-commerce functionality deliverables for e-commerce companies. As with our database integration service, our service is available in three tiers:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Enterprise

You can always consult our experienced strategists if you are unclear which level offers the most benefit to your business.

Their expertise makes them well-suited for assisting you in deciding what is most useful for your business. In addition, our strategists can cooperate with a designer and developer to determine whether a basic, an advanced, or an enterprise tier will provide the best ROI and UX.

Content management system (CMS)

Another optional add-on to our website design services is a content management system.

An enterprise content management system can help you manage and improve efficiency in your content marketing campaign, whether you are running an ecommerce website or an informational website.

For most companies, our team recommends a CMS as a part of our web design services. We have three levels of content management system:

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Enterprise

Based on your company’s size, a standard CMS could be sufficient.

We recommend contacting us online for the most accurate recommendation and quote. In addition to offering full-service digital marketing, we can customize every aspect of our web design services to meet your firm’s specific needs. This allows us to provide unmatched levels of personalization in our web design approach.

What are the benefits of investing in professional web design services?

There are several reasons why professionals should be consulted when it comes to web design on your website. For instance, you could increase your conversion rates, competitiveness, and search ranking. Those are all things that could directly and positively impact your profits, market share, and growth.

Find out more about web design benefits:

  1. Improve your conversion rate

Web design services can help achieve conversions no matter how different they may be for your business. A conversion is something distinct, uniquely tailored to your company’s objectives and set of goals.

Online conversions have rapidly increased. For example, you may want to increase store visits by utilizing local SEO. Local searches convert at a rate of over 80%, so you will have to interact with website users.

If your old website isn’t usable and outdated, it’s affecting the first impression of your users. Their first impression influences not only their opinion of you, but also their decision to visit your store, purchase your product, or sign up for your subscription.

With an intuitive website that is modern and user-friendly, you can make a good first impression with consumers. This will increase their chances of converting, whether they stop in your store that day, call your team for a quote, or subscribe to your email.

  1. Optimize the user experience of your website.

A website’s user experience increases a company’s ROI by $100 for every $1 invested — on average. An untested UX can ruin a company’s reputation as almost 90% of consumers switch to a competitor after a bad website experience.

By stepping up your web design, you can provide visitors with the best experience. For instance, by improving the usability and readability of your website. Regardless of whether it is on a mobile or desktop device, this encourages users to take action.

That can include visiting your e-commerce site, purchasing your item, and more.

  1. Increase your competitive edge

Every industry has a competitor, and it’s critical that your company differentiate itself from the competition. You may provide a better product and a better experience — but if your website is outdated, consumers won’t know that.

By using our website design services, your company will make a big first impression with users. You can also distinguish yourself from competitors in your field by emphasizing what you offer is the best.

For instance, if you’re looking to generate leads as a pest control company, it’s a tough market to crack. The best way to motivate your audience to contact you is to invest in a website that places emphasis on the user experience.

This scenario offers your company the chance to increase its sales and market share with a simple redesign or a quick update to your website.

  1. Rank higher in search engines.

Users rely on search to find what they’re looking for, whether they’re searching on their tablet, smartphone, or desktop. Because of this, Google processes nearly two trillion searches a year, and for that reason 80 percent of Web users use Google to find what they’re looking for.

It’s difficult for your company to connect with consumers if your site does not rank on the first page of search results. That’s why SEO is an essential part of web marketing for your business to attract more traffic, sales, and subscribers.

You can ensure your website ranks for relevant keywords by making use of a competitive SEO strategy, along with professional web design services. Plus, you ensure the best possible user experience.

By utilizing our strategies, as well as search engine optimisation tactics, your webpage is likely to rank highly in search results. This allows your business to reach the highest-value users in your target market, converting them into customers. 

  1. Make your digital marketing strategy more effective

Whether users come from search results, social media, or another source, your website is your foundation to direct them. Because of this, it’s important to maintain an optimized and up-to-date website that supports your digital marketing strategies.

With Silverfox, we can help your business better utilize other Internet marketing strategies with a robust website. For instance, if you use email marketing, we can increase your subscriber count through your website’s subscriber form.

Our team can optimize your pay-per-click campaign with our design and marketing expertise. That will improve the results of your PPC campaign and maximize your ROI.

What methods does Silverfox use to design websites?

Our website design services offer a 360-degree experience, which includes:

  • Development of the layout
  • Generating content
  • Optimizing conversions
  • User experience testing

We’ll also give you a money-back guarantee on our web design services.

In other words, we follow the five principles of web design when building our award-winning websites. Which includes:

  • Aesthetics
  • Navigation
  • Attention
  • Direction
  • Action

With these 5 principles as a guide, We assure that your business will achieve the best results possible.


The first step to gaining new customers is to create a beautiful website.

Visitors recognize more about your company by its appearance than by its words. A website with modern design elements, optimized images, and other multimedia will convert more customers than one looking old fashioned.

This is why the appearance of your website is so important!

Additionally, you should consider including responsiveness into your site.

With responsive design, your website adapts to fit any device’s screen size. So, no matter where someone is looking at your site, they’ll always receive a great, easy-to-use experience.

This experience, sometimes called user experience, is key to attracting new customers. Users are more likely to keep on your website when they see that it’s sleek and appealing. However, it’s not enough to have a beautiful website. It’s crucial to have clear navigation and keywords.

Navigation is what people use to find what they are looking for on your website.

The breadcrumb is one of the most popular and effective navigation elements on modern websites and works well on desktops and mobile devices. See the following image for a breadcrumb example.


With breadcrumb navigation you can access each page of your site as a user moves through it — like Hansel and Gretel in their fairy tale left breadcrumbs to follow.

If your website has breadcrumb navigation, then users will be able to get to any page from any section they have seen. For example, if your website is an ecommerce site, then a user can jump from a product page to a category page with one click.

When you profit from lead generation, you can embed breadcrumbs in your pages, so that users can read, learn more about the same subject, and go from the information pages to the index pages.

In addition to navigation styles, there are hundreds of other options available to create a great user experience. It all depends on what works for your brand and helps your users.


When someone clicks on your site, you need to keep them interested. If you lose their attention, you will lose a sale.

A person’s attention is what keeps them focused on your brand, products and services. Therefore, if you want to make a sale, you need that person’s attention on your website.

As a result, different companies can draw attention differently, including:

  • A video is a visually-oriented medium so it’s especially effective at catching people’s attention. Rather than forcing visitors to read long pages of text, video enables you to summarize a complex concept within a matter of minutes. Unlike text, which can become boring after a few seconds, video keeps the audience’s interest from beginning to end.
  • Downloadable content is one of the best ways to keep people interested. Content downloads can range from being .zip files filled with resources to text-based PDFs that contain insider info. This kind of material is ideal for accumulating new subscribers since you can gate it and ask for email addresses before they download it.
  • Informational graphics engage viewers by simplifying industry-related data in easy-to-understand visualizations. There are hundreds of new infographics released every day, but you can still gain traffic, attention, and backlinks for your infographics by assigning them a higher quality standard than your competitors. 

The next step is to give your visitors a sense of a direction on your page once you’ve caught their attention.


In most cases, direction refers to instructing someone on how to proceed on your page. This usually involves directing them to scroll down your page. A website’s vertical scrolling feature is the most commonly used progression method because it is simple, straightforward, and helpful.

A mouse is used for desktop users to progress through your page, but fingers are used by mobile visitors. Your mobile-side pages should be easy to tap, hold, and swipe like your desktop pages for easy scrolling. A design approach like this can be traced back to responsive design.

With responsive design, your site visitors get the same great experience regardless of the device they’re using. 


Action is the ultimate goal of acquiring any new visitor to your website! But they won’t take action if you do not encourage them to do so! That’s why it’s important to have calls-to-action on every page of your website.

CTAs are intended to be directives, telling visitors what they need to do next to become a customer. While it might sound like bossy, studies have proven that CTAs have a dramatic impact on conversions across the board, from lead generation to charitable giving.

The most effective CTAs are those that push people to a contact page or send a purchase message. That’s why our copywriters create CTAs that will help support your digital marketing goals, from increasing product purchases to increasing email subscribers.

Silverfox’s web design team has nailed down performance-driven websites to a science. Our web designers work in your best interests, creating a website that fulfills these five tenants in order to make sure you succeed online.

Why should you partner with Silverfox for website design services?

Silverfox has a reason why businesses choose it:


Silverfox has some of the best web designers in the industry — they’ve won more than one award for their work. That means when you partner with us, you can take advantage of their expertise and our designers’ creativity, which results in an original and innovative site that drives results.


With over 50 design awards in ecommerce, we have competed against thousands of other websites to earn Best in Category, Gold, Silver, and Bronze distinctions for our clients’ websites.


Silverfox has been creating web sites for more than 7 years. With our expertise, as well as our passion for web design, we set ourselves apart from other agencies. Plus, our ongoing experience serves as proof of our ability to learn and adapt to industry standards.


Our clients come from a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, ecommerce, health, and more. Our client satisfaction is unprecedented, which is why our client recommendation score is 488 percent above the industry average.


We will partner your business with a project manager who will serve as an extension of your team. Together, we will learn your objectives, your goals, and your vision for your website. The result? A site that tells your story.


We believe that it is important to approach web design services in a personalized way, which is why we tailor every package to your company’s needs. Even if you choose rapid web design, we will ensure that your website captures your brand and meets your goals and desires.

Develop a website tailored to your business’ specific needs.

Ready to build a website which not only performs well but is also highly appreciated by its visitors?

Get the top results at your website by choosing Silverfox and our award-winning team of designers. They’ve won over 40 prestigious awards and are ready to improve your website’s traffic, conversions and revenue.

To speak with an experienced strategist, please contact us online or give us a call at Insert (contact number here)

Don’t forget, whether you need a web design in Qatar or elsewhere, Silverfox has you covered.

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