Sure, it may already appear dated, and with the launch of more audio social platforms, competitive pressures are increasing for the app.

With a broader Android rollout over the next week, Clubhouse hopes to maximize its strong growth prospects.

Clubhouse has just announced that it is aiming to launch Android support before the end of the week, making it more accessible to many more users.

That’s at least theoretically possible.

Although Clubhouse, its app, will be available on all Android devices, it will not be accessible from the general public without a special invitation. While millions more will be able to connect to the platform, they will only be able to access it if they have been invited.

Therefore, more access has been offered, but not to a complete degree. At least thus far.

A leading strength and greatest weakness of Clubhouse’s invite-only architecture is that it has fostered a level of exclusivity, and heightened a sense of FOMO around the app, which boosted interest overall. In addition, Twitter’s built its own Clubhouse-like Spaces tool, which has grown increasingly popular.

Furthermore, Twitter Spaces’ release has stolen some thunder from Clubhouse, as fans of iOS and Android are becoming more used to listening to voice conversations within an app that they are already familiar with, and without having to receive an invite.

Clubhouse’s downloads might have slowed because of this, which are expected to grow with the entrance of more Android users.

While Twitter has contained the app’s progress, Facebook is testing out its Clubhouse-like audio social options for the first time live.

So although the increased use of Clubhouse is positive, its impact and benefits cannot be readily measured.

The question now is whether Clubhouse will see a recovery now that Android users can sign up – or if its official invitation-only approach prevents the app from gaining traction as other apps align to audio social tools?

In my opinion, even if Clubhouse fails to make a significant impact on the market, the competition is likely to increase massively soon.

You Can Use Clubhouse To Grow Your Business

With Clubhouse, you have all the advantages and perks of an exclusive members-only club with the convenience of an app.

You can benefit from using Clubhouse in the following ways.

  1. Get constant access to entrepreneur, politician, venture capitalist, and politician interviews.
  2. Host your own rooms, which is a great way to make friends and do what you like.
  3. Chat with experts in the chat rooms, find out a lot of unfiltered information, and get expert advice.

It’s no secret that Clubhouse has become so popular right now, and with good reason. There aren’t many places where you can listen to Katie Couric and Perez Hilton chat while in one chat room and hear Elon Musk talk about AI, cryptocurrency, and space travel in another. It’s captivating and addictive, but unlike some other social networking apps, you can get real business benefits from staying on it.

If you are unfamiliar with Clubhouse or are unsure about its purpose, here is a simple starters guide to utilizing it for learning, connecting, and growing your business.

Clubhouse – What Is It?

An audio-based social media app, Clubhouse allows users to listen to live conversations within chat rooms (no videos, photos, or presentations). It also hosts live interviews, panels, and presentations. Clubhouse allows any user to create a room about a topic they find interesting. For example, you can create room for a social media solution in Qatar or how to start a business in Qatar. No matter what room you create there will always be an audience with the same interest as yours. Additionally, when you open up a room for guests, you can discuss it with them as well.

You can visualize every room as an unscripted, interactive podcast streamed live in real-time. Whether you want to wander around randomly from room to room, like at a house party, or spend hours in one, let your imagination run wild.

A beta version of Clubhouse launched in March 2020 is still not available to the public and remains in development. Getting access to Clubhouse requires an invitation from a current member. However, its community has grown from a few thousand to over a million over the past few months.

Benefits of Clubhouse for Your Business

The Clubhouse app can be quite valuable if you know how to use it, as with any social media app. Once you have secured an invitation, now is the time to make the most of utilizing an event management platform that will connect you with interesting people, and therefore cultivate new leads for your business. While exploring various chat rooms, I discovered a few key benefits since joining the app a few weeks ago:

Getting Advice From Experts

A number of industry leaders in Clubhouse are offering free advice on topics like marketing, AI, finance, and business over casual chats, and it was eye-opening. In business, you can learn a range of topics that can assist you in solving problems or in strengthening your business by looking up keywords.

Getting The Skills You Need By Finding People With The Right Skills

You may get to know individuals with the knowledge and experience you need by visiting the business-related rooms. Clubhouse helped me connect with a new employee. My company was looking for someone to grow its online presence, so I stopped by a virtual assistant chat room and explained what services we need. Within a few minutes, I received messages from several virtual assistants about what they offer. She now leads our app marketing efforts as a result of our follow-up with her.

Gaining New Clients By Giving Away Free Advice

Build a community of followers by creating your own chat rooms that revolve around your fields of expertise, whether it’s recurring or one-time approaches. I started hosting daily chat rooms about advanced tax strategies for entrepreneurs, where I answer questions, speak on tax topics, and speak on tax strategies. My usual habit when it comes to social media is barely any usage, but connecting with people using social media has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. We have gained new clients because of these conversations.

Here Are A Few Tips to Help You Get Started

Clubhouse is really easy to use, but if you’re just getting started, these steps should help a lot:

Get Involved In Clubs and Chat Rooms

Listen in on conversations in chat rooms and join clubs that will benefit your interests or industry. Just follow your curiosity and have fun; don’t overthink it. You can spend some time in a room discussing VC funding, product photography, podcast growth, or anything else that piques your interest and follow people who are interesting to you.

Create Value By Creating Value

Set a time to host your first chat room, and choose a subject you think others can benefit from and you have a lot of knowledge in. Before the presentation, create an outline so you know the points to cover and that time will be allocated for Q&A. The whole idea is for the participants to walk away from the meeting thinking, “Wow, that was really great.”

Increase The Level Of Engagement

You would like to invite a keynote speaker who is an expert in a certain subject, and you’d like to ask them questions of common interest to the rest of the audience. For example, in one of my chat rooms, I invited a tax attorney to discuss tax matters. Before taking audience questions, we discussed specifics of the tax code that are relevant to entrepreneurs. We discussed some of the issues people wanted to bring up during this discussion, which was lively and interactive.
With every chat room, you’re never really sure where the conversation will go, and it’s really exciting. Find a way to add value to your business by offering valuable information, being resourceful, and gaining interest. Additionally, there is nothing wrong with hiring a social media agency in Qatar that can help your business grow and convert traffic to revenue.

No matter what platform you choose for your business, Just make sure that you invest your time and money strategically.

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