Advertising really makes everyone go nuts! Brand advertising or Direct Response Marketing? Which strategy should you invest in?

Both are essential marketing elements in building your brand presence and enhancing your online reputation. Brands that are urged to generate immediate responses and sales, direct response campaigns are a more suitable option. The need to sell immediately and generate ROIs are some of the driving factors for companies to focus on direct response marketing.

While on the other hand, building your brand and improving your digital presence are equally important. The choice depends on the brand’s long term or short-term goals.

To provide insights in this daunting challenge that most companies experience, Facebook formed a partnership with Analytic Partners and GroupM to analyze more than 500 Facebook brand advertising and Direct response campaigns run by 21 businesses for a span of 3 years. The research considered different approaches that allow companies to determine which strategy drives more valuable results for their businesses.

In their analysis, Facebook explained the value of finding a balance between the lower-funnel and upper-funnel marketing. To quote Facebook “Is it possible for brands to maximize ‘easy wins’ now while simultaneously setting themselves up for further growth tomorrow?” Lower-funnel marketing or DR campaigns tend to yield immediate wins, allowing brands to generate leads instantly. This is crucial for marketers since investing on DR campaigns requires more budget allocations compared to brand advertising.

If we want to know which is the preferable approach? Research suggests that it depends on the end goal and brands should consider several factors to determine the best option.

Reports showed that DR campaigns have generated more conversions which is a given because of its distinct focus on immediate conversions. However, Facebook emphasized that brands should factor in the costs whereas DR campaigns tend to be more expensive because of its specific targeting compared to brand advertising which is more inclined to target a broad audience.


Results show that upper-funnel marketing or brand advertising is more cost-effective especially on a per-spend basis. This strategy is more high-performing in the short-term but for specific industries like retail and e-commerce.
Ecommerce industries for example have grown exponentially since 2020. Brand building allows brands to establish essential connections with a wider target audience and drive sales at the same time.
Facebook has emphasized the need for marketers to take a multi-level approach in determining which is the better strategy for their advertising. Ad campaigns should be structured starting from broad audience targeting, emphasizing the specific products and services for your target audience that show interest, and finally, underlining product benefits through retargeting these audiences.

In a nutshell, Facebook suggests that marketers should also invest in researching and tracking each element to drive the maximum results.

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