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How Does Emails Can be an Effective Marketing Tool?

Digital marketing relies heavily on email. Although advertising and SEO campaigns are powerful and effective tactics, it is equally important to address your audience directly with a message sent right to their inbox.

Even though email leads to half of all sales, it has to be considered the best platform for growing your business.
With a lot of your prospective customers having mobile devices, laptops or other Internet-enabled portable devices, reaching out to them through online messaging is effective.

In addition to communicating with friends and family members by email, many people now use email for their businesses. The email marketing campaign takes place every time you open an email from a restaurant, your favorite clothing store, or any business that advertise what they offer.

You can also use email marketing in a variety of ways.
Several different outcomes can be achieved by using it. You can use email campaigns to welcome new clients, inform current clients about product orders and receive customer feedback, as well as advertise new products and a lot more.

What is the process of email marketing?

Email marketing keeps current and potential clients updated through communication.

Emails have the ability to cultivate client-business relationships, nurture leads, and increase sales, whether you’re looking to build trust with customers or grow customer understanding of your brand or products.

When your marketing strategy is led by a capable marketing team, they help you:

  • Designing an email
  • Content development for emails
  • Perform A/B testing
  • Result monitoring
  • And much, much more.

With Silverfox, we provide our clients with a complete email marketing package to ensure the success of their campaigns. In the past five years, our clients have earned over $1.5 billion in revenue using our data-driven approach to digital marketing.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

A number of benefits come from emailing, making it one of the most popular marketing tools for a reason:

1. Appealing to a user’s habits

Your average user does not see your ad when placed on a billboard over your local highway. Email has become a popular means of reaching out and getting your message heard, so it is a good way to get your message seen.

Additionally,It also allows your target audience to get in touch with you when they want to. Checking emails is a sign they are interested. They may be looking for promotions, new content, or other info.

Contrastingly for traditional marketing, when they’re driving down the highway, they seem to pay more attention to the road rather than your ads.

2. Provides an economical option

You need to maximize your marketing budget, regardless of whether you lead a mid-sized company or operate a global corporation. For every dollar invested, email marketing provides a tremendous return on investment of $44 for each dollar spent.

3. You’ll get more clients if you direct them to your website.

Often, the headline of an email advertises the valuable information contained within. You can motivate users to visit your website, whether they’re reading a blog post, buying a product, or taking another action by using such communication channels.

Email marketing disadvantages

There are some drawbacks for email in the comparison of SMS marketing and email marketing:

1. Reduced CTR

3.42 percent is the average click-through rate (CTR) for marketing emails, an indication that a huge portion of them will lead to no action from your users. It may seem like email marketing offers very little value from the company decision-makers’ perspective. In spite of that, the statistic indicates you must have the best team when it comes to email.

2. Feeling “spammy”

It could get frustrating for customers to get bombarded with advertisements in their inbox. Getting too many emails can lead to readers unsubscribing or marking your emails as spam. This is why you should limit the number of emails your team sends.

3. Aesthetic issues

Everyone will not use the same machine, computer, or phone setting when they open your email. Your email could appear blocked, with faulty graphics, or unreadable if you fail to test its appearance across devices. By previewing and testing your email, your team can bypass this disadvantage.

The following examples show how effectively email marketing can be done

Unsure what kind of campaign to use for your business? The following companies are using results-based techniques to master the art of email marketing with easy to read copy and effective design:

1. 1Password

1Password, an online password manager program, uses a warm welcome email that makes all the difference, especially with new clients. They express the brand’s personality with an inviting tone that provides extra assurance and comfort for new customers with an invitation to, “take your shoes off and stay a while.”

2. Chewy

Chewy is an online pet goods retailer, so why is it so successful with its emails?

Their efforts to personalize!

Anyone reading their email will most likely recognize the word “you” because it makes them feel important. Businesses can sell their products and services more easily when barriers between clients and businesses are removed.

3. Stitcher

Stitcher stands apart from their competitors’ emails with personalized and captivating content. These contents are sent out by an email that captures attention and includes graphics that promote the various podcasts, clips, and audios being offered by this company. Additionally, Stitcher’s CTAs are effective by converting readers to relevant and helpful landing pages with large clickable buttons.

If you are looking for email marketing training and guidance, Silverfox is the perfect match for you! We offer email marketing training in Qatar and Globally! For more information, Contact us online or give us a call at +974 6688 1044 to learn more!

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