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We offer your company unprecedented access to technology and talent through our influencer marketing services, which combine more than 50 years of combined experience and an award-winning team of digital marketing specialists.

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  1. IBM Watson. AI and machine learning software application IBM Watson is considered one of the best in its field. Influencer marketing strategies become cleverer and more effective when IBM Watson is integrated. Additionally, it drives campaigns based on data, not guesswork.
  2. Specialized outreach specialist. Technology is only part of what we offer our clients in influencer marketing. We will also provide you with an outreach specialist who will oversee your marketing campaign from start to finish. Furthermore, they investigate your company, industry, and target market.
  3. Reporting that is transparent. Transparency is prioritized by our team. Your dashboard, along with the reports generated by your dedicated outreach specialist, allows you to easily view how your influencer marketing campaign performed in a digestible format that your team and company leaders can understand.
  4. Study of the public. In order to be successful at influencer marketing, you need to understand your audience. Therefore, we conduct research, using social media platforms and influencers to learn more about the audience and their favorite platforms.
  5. Research on influencers. Researching your audience isn’t everything we do. In addition to identifying the right influencer for your business, your outreach specialist uses data-driven influencer research. An influencer’s reputation and history are analyzed, as well as their posts’ performance from an analytical standpoint.
  6. Brief on the project. It is imperative that marketing messages are clear and concise. Our creative brief ensures your influencers create on-brand messaging for your company. Influencers can use this brief to create content, from images to videos, that motivates your audience to act.
  7. Strategies that are unique. Our technology and outreach specialists can utilize the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop customized strategies for your company. Your business can achieve its goals and maximize its ROI with a plan tailored to your needs.

What are the benefits of working with Silverfox?

Silverfox is a trusted partner for businesses all over the world thanks to a client recommendation score that’s 500 percent higher than the industry average. You can maximize your online presence and sales with our performance-based, data-driven influencer marketing services.

Silverfox is the ideal partner, so why choose somebody else?

Technology based on artificial intelligence

You can gain insight and strategies based on a range of data points with IBM Watson machine learning and artificial intelligence. Also, it may receive an aggressive campaign that will push your business ahead and leave your competitors in the dust.

Client testimonials that are unmatched

Over 200 of our digital marketing experts provide an unparalleled experience to our clients. As a result of their results and accomplishments, they also take time to understand your industry and answer your questions. It is one of the reasons why we retain 91 percent of our clients.

Extensive experience

A 20-year veteran of influencer marketing, Silverfox brings unmatched expertise to this area. As well as offering some of the industry’s best digital marketers, we also provide a team of specialists that will help maximize your campaign’s success. We deliver on client expectations through our decades of experience.

Strategies tailored to your needs

We focus on personalized strategies as opposed to cookie-cutter approaches common at other influencer marketing agencies. Our relationship is based on listening to your needs. Identifying and vetting influencers is also based on data-driven tools.

Results that are unmatched

Our clients have generated over 1.5 billion dollars in revenue for us just over the past five years. In the same period, we helped our clients generate more than 4.6 million leads, enabling hundreds of businesses to grow. By partnering with us, your company can achieve the same results.

An open and transparent reporting process

Our digital marketing agency in Qatar – Silverfox is data-driven, backing up our work with powerful analytics. Real-time performance tracking is available for your influencer marketing campaign worldwide! Additionally, you will be assigned an outreach specialist to periodically review your reports.

If you’re serious about influencer marketing and stressed out of searching everything online, we offer digital marketing training in Qatar services and can do online training as well!

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Influencer marketing: what is it?

An influential marketer is someone who gets prominent figures in your industry to endorse your business online. Customers become loyal to brands when they build relationships with them. Due to the necessity of a platform and content, influencer marketing also coordinates with social media and content marketing.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube let consumers express and get opinions about brands, products, and services not only by sharing their own opinions but also by asking for others’ opinions. More than 30 percent of Internet users spend most of their time on social media sites.

In fact, research shows that nearly 75 percent of people use social media before making a purchase decision.
Influencer marketing can help your company gain influence over your target audience’s opinions and purchases through social platforms, websites, and blogs. In what way? Your products or services will gain a wider audience by connecting with influencers in your field.

Influencer marketing at Silverfox

Would you like to learn more about influencer marketing?

The following is a preview of the unique process we use:

1. Get to know your business

We begin by learning about your company, as part of our commitment to customizing strategies. Your company’s goals, products, and industry are important to us in order to serve you effectively. This knowledge allows us to craft a custom plan that targets your audience and generates extraordinary results.

The rest of the story goes further. As part of your outreach program, your outreach specialist analyzes your competitors and other sources as well. After investigating your competitors, your competitors create an intelligence report that your team will use to support their strategic recommendations.

2. Know your audience by doing research

Our team can research your target audience once we have an understanding of your business, your competition, and your goals. Our outreach specialist can figure out which social media platforms and influencers your ideal customer uses based on your existing data.

Platforms and influencers are only part of our research. In addition, we take a close look at your target audience’s wants and pain points when it comes to products and services in your industry. Our influencer strategies will be derived from data gathered from your target audience.

3. Strategize how to engage influencers

Afterward, your dedicated professional develops an influencer strategy tailored to your business needs. 

Once your outreach specialist completes your strategy, they share it with your team for approval. You’re encouraged to ask questions, as well as provide suggestions. After you approve the plan, we take the next step in launching your influencer marketing campaign.

4. Market influencers to identify

An outreach specialist builds an influencer list after a data-driven and custom strategy is developed. The list your specialist creates, on the other hand, focuses on influencers that align with your strategy, even if your target audience follows dozens of influencers.

Who are the influencers that are most suitable for your company? We analyze influencers’ audience and brand, and also their performance as an influencer, through data-driven research. That means we score followers, views, and engagement, which are all critical factors in influencer marketing.

5. Decide the influencer you want to work with

The influencer matching report is compiled by your dedicated outreach specialist after we conduct an in-depth analysis of influencers. We describe potential influencers and their performance in this report to help you find the right partners.

Regardless of which influencer you choose, you are the final decision maker, and your outreach specialist can offer advice. The deep data-driven research we conduct means you can be confident your business will be able to find the influencer that best meets your needs.

6. Make sure your influencers are secure

The outreach specialist reaches out to your influencer once you have chosen them. We work with the influencer to arrange for their services if they express interest in representing your brand online. We take care of all the contract details, including any legal aspects, on your behalf.

A dedicated outreach specialist keeps your team updated once your influencer joins. In addition to being an update, it keeps you up-to-date on how your influencer marketing campaigns are doing. Furthermore, it maintains our tradition of collaborating with clients.

7. Create your creative brief

Developing a creative brief with your influencer is the first step to launching your influencer marketing campaign. In this brief, we sum up the key messages that your influencer will include in their content, as well as describe what their content will look like.

Creative briefs serve as content blueprints for your team. You’re welcome to provide feedback and suggestions on messages as your outreach specialist ensures that they are aligned with your digital marketing goals. The influencer creates content once the brief has been approved by you.

8. Create a content strategy to target influencers

We try to review each influencer’s sponsored post, whether it’s one or more, once they create the custom content. Keeping brand guidelines in mind, we check the visuals and messaging. Our team shares the content with you after our review.

We do not publish any content without your approval as part of our influencer marketing services. In light of this, we ask you to make sure that your team reviews all the content as soon as possible, especially when it pertains to seasonal promotions, holidays, or limited-time promotions.

Once you approve, we give your influencer permission to publish.

9. Keep track of your campaign’s performance

An influencer marketing agency that is data-driven and proactive, we understand the value of data. In order to track the success of your influencer marketing campaign, we provide you and your dedicated outreach specialist with the necessary tools.

In order to track conversions, custom goals completions, and traffic from influencer referrals, your dedicated outreach specialist sets up Google Analytics. Your team can also determine which users are coming from influencer marketing by using the unique tracking code we develop for your sponsored posts.

10. Results should be reported

Digital marketing and influencer marketing are becoming new areas of investment for companies. You can evaluate your influencer marketing campaign’s impact using artificial intelligence software, as well as a dedicated outreach specialist.

Your campaign can be reviewed at any time with easy-to-understand reports. Moreover, you and your outreach specialist meet regularly to go over the results of your campaign and answer any questions you might have.

Are you interested in learning more about our influencer marketing services? We can be reached online or by phone at +974 6688 1044.

Investing in influencer marketing services has 8 benefits

Are influencer marketing services worth considering for your company?

Among these reasons are:

1. Influencers are trusted by consumers

Peers and influencers are more trusted by consumers than advertising.

There is scientific proof that word-of-mouth marketing increases sales twofold compared to paid advertising. The majority of buyers have also bought something online after seeing it used by an influencer on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, or YouTube.

Influencer marketing is an effective strategy for companies who wish to maximize their impact on consumers. Your business can earn more sales and revenue through partnering with an influencer your audience trusts, expanding your product line, service area, or team.

2. Marketers are generating sales, leads, and conversions through influencer marketing

Influencers can generate new leads, conversions, and sales for you every time they mention your brand. Your business will be endorsed by posts, videos, and discussions from influential persons on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. A customer endorsement can help you convince them that your product or service meets their needs.

Your company gains more than leads from influencer marketing. Getting better quality leads is another benefit.

In a recent study, researchers found that more than 50 percent of companies attract higher-quality prospects by integrating influencer marketing into their digital strategies. A higher conversion rate is possible when your company receives more valuable leads.

Your team can start nurturing leads as soon as your influencer marketing campaign generates them. Perhaps your company, or a digital marketing agency, can use email marketing to nurture prospects, allowing you to use your campaign to gain more subscribers.

It is possible for a user to never become a lead. Consumers admit that they may first become customers when they see influencers promote products and services; a rate of 30 percent.

3. Increasing conversion rates among consumers

Consumers moving faster through your purchasing funnel can also be achieved through influencer marketing. Another study found that companies generate new customers twice as quickly through influencer marketing than organic search. Search engines are available for free, or organic search. Examples include Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

In other words, don’t forget that SEO (search engine optimization) can help improve your company’s position on organic search engine results. Influencer marketing can help you leverage SEO to drive more traffic to your site, while SEO can also be utilized to leverage influencer marketing campaigns.

For companies looking to rank number one in search engines like Google and Bing, Silverfox offers SEO training in Qatar services. Feel free to contact us directly at +974 6688 1044

4. Marketers who use influencers can earn a high return on investment

Influencer marketing is similar to many other digital marketing strategies in that it offers a highly rewarding  ROI. Every dollar invested in influencer marketing earns companies back about $6.50. The ROI is 650 percent if calculated in percent.

Investing $3000 in a business will earn you almost $20,000 back, for example. You could use that ROI to launch new locations, expand your team, or launch a new service or product.

Influencer marketing has an impressive ROI and requires a minimal amount of investment.

5. A brand’s awareness is boosted by influencer marketing

Brand awareness is the most important objective for almost 90 percent of marketers,  ahead of sales and lead generation. How come? From signing up for your email campaign to purchasing your products, brand awareness can have a significant impact on a consumer’s behavior.

Brand recognition is directly related to your efforts to generate sales leads and revenue.

Your business is put in front of your target audience via influencer marketing, but with a credible endorsement. Consumers can learn about your company in a way that suits them through that format, while building brand awareness naturally.

The use of influencer marketing might be the best way to do this, but you must ensure that the influencers are trustworthy and reliable. 

You can write about using your products and services in a post published by an influencer with a strong following on social media and your blog, for instance.

Taking advantage of user preferences makes it easier for them to take action in this scenario.

6. It is more credible to market using influencers

Your business’s influencers are speaking for the products and services you offer. As a result, they are verifying your brand’s trustworthiness, integrity, and credibility. If your company and services are perceived by users as trustworthy and credible, this can have a significant impact on their opinions. Influencers’ followers can also become your newest customers when they follow you on social media.

You can earn instant credibility with your target audience with just one mention of your brand, regardless of how many posts you sponsor. A few hundred people on Facebook, 100,000 on Twitter, 25,000 on LinkedIn, or more may be the audience you want to reach.

7. SEO signals are improved by influencer marketing

In addition to increasing your followers and engagement on social media, influencer marketing can also help you rank higher in organic search results. When you market your products and services through influencer marketing, you can increase your ranking for relevant keywords.

What is the reason for this?

A search engine’s results will depend on more than 200 factors including backlinks, whether it is Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Links from other websites, such as the websites of influencers, count as backlinks. Trust is signaled by this backlink.

It is because of this that search engines consider the number and quality of links when determining search engine rankings. A higher ranking in organic search results can be achieved by increasing the number of backlinks from quality and high-authority websites.

More website traffic from your target audience correlates with a better ranking, among other things. Ranking in the first position on the first page offers the most significant advantages because 76 percent of users stay on the first page and 33 percent of search traffic goes to the first result.

You can increase your website’s authority by using influencer marketing.

Whenever an influencer discusses your products and services, a link to your site is a natural inclusion. Additionally, a user-friendly and intuitive experience will be provided by this action in addition to providing backlinks to your company.

8. Customer retention is increased by influencer marketing

Nowadays, the cost of maintaining an existing customer is ten times greater than that of getting a new one. Companies often focus on gaining new clients because they have trouble retaining their existing clients. A business can, however, increase its retention rate with the help of influencer marketing.

Research has revealed that companies that invest in influencer marketing have a 40 percent higher customer retention rate. From a large organization to a small-to-midsize company, that’s a tremendous amount of money.

Your business will be able to increase sales by increasing its customer retention rate. It’s even possible to increase your customers’ lifetime value (LTV) with a digital marketing strategy. It would be even better if you stopped existing clients (including your current ones) from becoming clients of your competitors.

Use influencer marketing data to drive your campaigns

Are you looking to reap the benefits of influencer marketing, but without the headache of identifying influencers and launching campaigns? Join forces with Silverfox, a leader in influencer marketing, a tool for uncovering influencers’ behaviors. We can design a custom, performance-driven campaign for your company based on our decades of experience and proprietary technology.

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