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Is your business interested in Instagram advertising?

Plan accordingly if this is the case. To be successful on Instagram, you must combine strategic insights with a creative eye and allocate time to both implement and monitor your progress.

Our goal is to help businesses launch high-performance Instagram campaigns, regardless of their financial or human resources – which is why we are here to assist.

With Silverfox’s full-service social media advertising agency in Qatar, we can help you/ Our digital marketing team stays on top of the latest industry updates, algorithm updates, and best practices to keep up with your business’s growth and deliver maximum results. Your key target audiences can be educated from awareness to conversion during different stages of the buyer’s journey, all while staying within your set budget.

Our company can make the most of your ad spending by targeting the exact audiences that matter the most to you on Instagram, where there are more than 1 billion active accounts each month and 500 million active accounts every day. Our digital advertising efforts can be tailored to fit the exact people you want to reach based on factors such as location, interests, demographics, and more.

It’ll be our pleasure to work with your company each step of the way to ensure that when the dust settles, you have gotten the results you deserve.
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Instagram ad objectives: how to choose

For your Instagram campaign to be successful, you need to define clearly your objectives. Write down your long- and short-term goals before you begin crafting your ad campaign.

We’ve listed three goals you should consider when creating an Instagram marketing campaign in Ads Manager below.

1. Being aware

Brand awareness and customer reach are two important goals for businesses using social media. Using Instagram advertising, you can select reach and awareness objectives to accomplish your brand awareness goals.

Though each objective intends to create more buzz about your brand, they employ different methods to accomplish it.

What makes them different? Here are some differences between them:

  • In target-reach campaign objectives, the target is to reach and influence the largest amount of people who fall into your target audience.
  • Creating brand awareness campaigns is all about reaching the people who are most likely to be interested in the goods and services you offer as well as the content you create.

2. Taking into consideration

It is not advisable to casually browse through your followers’ Facebook feeds and view your advertisements on this platform. As a brand, you should capture their attention and ensure that they learn more about it.

Consideration plays an important role here.

You want your followers to engage with your content by watching and commenting on videos. You should consider these primary considerations goals:

  • Traffic. You may wish to increase traffic to your business’s website as one of your primary goals.
  • Views of videos. The focus of this objective is on increasing views of video content through marketing efforts.
  • Engage your audience. By choosing this objective, you will encourage interaction with your audience in the form of likes or comments on your post.

3. Conversion

You can use Instagram to augment your sales and maximize your revenue when you want to grow your business. Its primary objective is to convert existing customers into prospective ones.

An effective conversion campaign includes:

  • Conversions on websites. Your website should attract conversions from warm audiences – the people who know you on some level. You may convert into a lead, make a purchase, or register for a webinar or event.
  • Sales of catalogs. Using a product catalog, you can optimize your sales on Facebook if you manage an e-commerce store.
  • Visits to stores. In the case of a business that has multiple locations with a high traffic volume, Instagram advertising can help drive visitors to your physical locations.

Is there a way to efficiently advertise on Instagram to my target audience?

Instagram is a popular social media platform that provides businesses with the tools to reach their target audiences. Due to the sheer number of users on this platform, you may wonder how you can effectively target your target audience?

Three distinct audience types exist on Instagram.

1. Audiences saved

The saved audience consists of broad groups of individuals who can be segmented by location, sex, age, and interests. Advertisers can better tailor their content and advertising based on these views and behaviors by using these characteristics and facts.

2. Audiences that are customized

Custom audiences can be created using people who have subscribed to your emails, people who have watched your videos, people who have visited your website, and more. In most cases, this audience is sourced from the business or from other sources.

3. Audiences similar to yours

Typically, “lookalikes” are Instagram users whose characteristics and interests match your target audience, so they make for a viable audience to target on Instagram. They reflect your targets’ interests and behaviors, so they can be a relevant audience to reach.

Are there any requirements for advertising on Instagram?

If a business advertises on Instagram, it should set up its presence on this platform in a comprehensive manner.

In order to make a successful social media presence, companies must include these requirements:

  • Profile of the business. Provide key information about your company in a brief introduction to your audience.
  • Visually impressive. You will have the greatest level of success reaching your followers with the highest quality photos and videos. A successful marketing campaign on this platform is crucial due to Instagram’s visual nature.
  • Size of ads. Having images sized correctly for both Instagram feeds and Stories is crucial to success. To present your images in the best possible way and achieve the intended effect, it is crucial to use the proper ratio and resolution.
  • Copies. Writing for your audience with purpose and intent is essential. Make sure that the copy you write is clear, appropriate and has the power to persuade your readers to take action.
  • Spending plan. In order to succeed on Instagram, you need a budget. Review average Instagram advertising costs to get a better idea of what to spend on ads.

We can help you gather your data and put your marketing strategies into practice, if the prospect of doing that alone seems daunting. As an Instagram advertising agency, Silverfox can manage all of the content and behind-the-scenes activities you need to drive results.

Advertising formats available on Instagram

Our team will work with you to determine the best Instagram ad format. You can leverage this social media platform’s advertising options to achieve your social media goals, and you will have a wide range of options to choose from. Instagram offers the following ad formats:


  • Pictures and a brief description are often included
  • This is a great way to share visuals and increase brand awareness

Video clips:

  • Describe your product, service, or brand in a brief video clip
  • Links to your website or a call-to-action may be included in your marketing materials, or information motivating clients to invest in your brand could be included


  • This site lets users browse a wide range of photos in one post
  • Multiple images can be merged into one post with this tool

A few stories:

  • Promote your brand in an area of Instagram that is experiencing rapid growth
  • Use vertical images and videos to catch the attention of your audience

Are Instagram advertising agencies a good choice?

It can be tricky to set up an Instagram advertising campaign that is effective. It may be time to reach out to a marketing agency if you find yourself in any of these situations:

  • Too little time to devote to creating and maintaining an Instagram marketing strategy
  • A lack of clarity on what social media marketing is and how to optimize and measure it
  • Inexperienced in social media marketing and tactics

Investing in an Instagram advertising agency can make a huge difference in whether your marketing campaign is successful or not.

Instagram advertising firms: What you need to look for

In order to maintain an effective digital marketing campaign, social media advertising is essential. As you realize the power of these platforms for marketing, and the importance of selecting the right social media agency for your campaign, you also become aware of how these agencies can impact your results.

The question is, how can you determine which candidate is right for your company? When evaluating Instagram agencies, transparency tops the list of criteria to consider. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, you need a marketing agency that offers consistent pricing and top-notch services within your Instagram marketing budget.

Furthermore, social media marketing teams should be evaluated for their abilities. Are the marketing professionals at the agency experienced in producing results-driven content? The latest marketing trends are they informed about, and are they being trained continually?

A reputable agency is essential.

If you are seeking a social media agency to work with your business, evaluate the team’s communication skills. Choosing professionals with superior communication skills is important since you’ll have to regularly discuss your goals and progress with them.

Advertising services on Instagram are available from Silverfox

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