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How to Do LinkedIn Advertisements and Its Benefits

The social network LinkedIn started in 2003 as a small resume directory but has since grown into a powerful platform with a member base of more than 500 million. With its ability to target and effectively reach professionals all over the world, LinkedIn stands out from its fellow social media giants with similar numbers.

LinkedIn accounts for more than half of its user base, so using its advertising services to target users by professional field, skills, industry, and interests for maximum effectiveness is a wise decision.

With our LinkedIn advertising agency, we can facilitate the best marketing results for your company due to our continual awareness of LinkedIn algorithm changes. In addition to our expertise with LinkedIn’s ad campaign manager, we can help you generate the most effective results with the services offered by the platform.

To achieve results that support your overall goals, our team closely monitors the overall performance of the ad campaign and incorporates adjustments as necessary. The campaign results and insights obtained from each campaign are then analyzed and utilized to optimize the next campaign.

Budgets are important to us, so we will communicate clearly and efficiently from the beginning to the end. Our team will ensure, throughout the entire process, that every step is used to enhance your ability to achieve your objectives.

LinkedIn advertising has many benefits

Every social network has a different form of advertising. LinkedIn is no different. The purpose of LinkedIn is to connect professionals by sharing their experience, job title, skills, interests, and education. If your target audience matches these options, you will have an advantage when you advertise on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn advertising offers the following benefits:

  • Raising awareness – Your brand will be easier to recognise with the help of various advertising forms, which will improve visibility and brand awareness among potential employees, consumers, and business partners.
  • Partner with other organizations and hold events – LinkedIn attracts professionals, making it the perfect place to find new employees and share information about upcoming events. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for growing your business and for expanding your influence through targeted marketing.
  • Targeting specific audiences – The ability to narrow in on specific demographics or select groups of individuals on LinkedIn is useful. Find out who your target audience is by job title, industry, gender, location, age, and much more.
  • Thousands of active professionals – Having an active presence with more than half a billion business professionals will allow you to reach a wide audience of potential customers who may be looking for your services.

Is LinkedIn advertising a good way to reach my audience?

You can segment your marketing strategy on LinkedIn because users provide so much information about themselves. When you want to create a campaign that feels personalized, choosing an audience could be crucial.

Through LinkedIn’s ad solutions, your business has access to targeting its goal audiences across this channel with relative accuracy. With this ability, you can target persons with a variety of characteristics, including the following:

  1. Job – Included in this are their job title, the duties of their job, and how senior they are – including their schooling and their educational background.
  2. Matching audiences – LinkedIn’s data, as well as your own first-party data such as your website traffic or e-mail list, can be used to select candidates
  3. Demographics – Geography, age, and gender are just a few of the factors considered
  4. Information about the company – The name of the employer, the industry, and the size of the business in which an employee works

With Silverfox, you can determine which ad formats work best with your specific audiences for testing and determining the best ad targeting.

Sponsored posts, text ads, and sponsored messages are LinkedIn’s three main advertising formats. This is an overview of how these three types of ads differ.

1. Featured content

The advertisement will appear on a LinkedIn member’s profile, alongside posts and content from their connections and other businesses. Sponsored content on LinkedIn is popular among companies for the following reasons:

  1. A website’s traffic can be increased
  2. LinkedIn’s lead generation features helps you increase leads
  3. Views on videos increase

2. Advertisements in text

They appear along the side, across the bottom, or at the top of a LinkedIn member’s feed. Text ads offer the following benefits:

  1. The use of strong calls to action (CTA) on your website can drive users to your site
  2. Multiple sizes and ratios available
  3. Directly and quickly grabbing the attention of your audience

3. InMail Sponsorship

With LinkedIn Messenger, you can send client-specific messages directly to them. Among the uses of this tool are:

With custom fields, you can personalize your message

Getting relevant content directly into the inbox of your audience

The results of LinkedIn advertising campaigns: how do I measure them?

Understanding how well your marketing campaign performs and where changes need to be made to make it more effective for long-term results is critical to its success.

Our proprietary reporting software, Silverfox, analyzes data from LinkedIn Campaign Manager Insights and Google Analytics in order to see how well your social media campaign is doing.

Utilizing all three sources, our team is able to not only analyse your LinkedIn page’s performance, but also analyze which LinkedIn users are linking to your website or converting into customers.

The results of analyzing campaign manager data from LinkedIn

In order to improve targeting and creativity, we analyze data using LinkedIn Campaign Manager Insights.

As part of the LinkedIn data analysis, impressions, clicks, click-through-rate, CPC, lead form opens, inMail opens, and many other metrics are considered. Our ads are relevant to our targeting based on these metrics.

Google Analytics

The goal of any social media strategy is to increase traffic to your website, and Google Analytics plays a critical role in this goal.

As part of our analysis of data after users leave the platform and go to your site, we take into account data such as the time users spend on your site, the sessions generated through LinkedIn ads, and the forms that users complete.

In order to maximize your business’s performance, you should take advantage of Google Analytics’ extensive data.

Is it a good idea to hire a LinkedIn advertising agency?

It makes sense, especially if you have no experience with LinkedIn advertising, to partner with an agency for assistance. The following are some of the benefits of LinkedIn marketing agencies:

  1. You can know how much you’re paying for services by seeing their transparent pricing and deliverables
  2. The assistance of professionals who are continually trained and knowledgeable about new features
  3. Your campaign’s effectiveness is open to discussion with superior communication
  4. You are guaranteed LinkedIn’s best practices and policies will apply to your campaign
  5. Making informed decisions with transparent data and performance reporting

LinkedIn advertising services from a reputable company can help you maximize your marketing results on this social network.

With Silverfox, we will provide you with the strategy and advertisement creation you need on LinkedIn. We can help your business develop the most effective marketing strategy with the help of our team of driven and qualified marketing experts. Reports, data, and progress updates will be provided to you as part of our partnership.

We take pride in our work, but don’t just take our word for it – hear from our customers. With our Social media advertising in Qatar, our marketers will provide a comprehensive plan that caters to your business’s needs with transparency.

Silverfox provides LinkedIn advertising services. Get in touch with us today to learn more!

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