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Silverfox SMS Provides the Best Service at the Lowest Price. We'll Beat Your Current Price for SMS Marketing in Qatar by 3% - Guaranteed!

We Offer the Best Prices for SMS Marketing in Qatar - Guaranteed!

Silverfox SMS is the premier provider of cheap SMS Marketing in Qatar. Our prices for SMS Marketing in Qatar are the lowest you’ll find. Silverfox SMS provides the cheapest SMS Marketing in Qatar and we’re out to prove it. Put us to the test and we will beat whatever price you are getting by 3%, guaranteed.

Want to reach one of the largest mobile number databases in Qatar? How about this?


  • Qatari – 345,912
  • Gulf Arabs – 547,312
  • Asians – 1,244,909
  • Europeans, UK & US – 60,971
  • African – 12,502
  • Other Expats – 50,893

We can split out all major countries within the below categories of customers except African.


  • VVIP – >250
  • VIP – >3,500
  • Partners in Company – >60,000
  • Business People – >28,000
  • Company Owners – >50,000
  • Managers – >58,000
  • Marketing & Sales Professionals – > 40,000
  • PR & Communications Professionals – > 20,000
  • Qataris (by age) – >265,000
  • Assistant Managers – >50,000
  • Total Database equals 1.51 Million

If sending Cheap SMS in Qatar sounds like a good option, why don’t you give us a call or whatsapp us at +974 6688 1044? You may also email us at: When you contact us, be prepared to tell us your quantity and your target market and we will provide a quote with the Cheapest SMS in Qatar.

Here are some things you should know if you are wanting to send SMS in Qatar. You’ll need to select an 11-character Sender ID. That is who the SMS is coming from, so it’s vital that it can be understood by SMS recipients in Qatar. These must be unique, and when you submit your Sender ID to us,  you must also have a website for us to list as the owner of your new Sender ID. Your message does not have to link to a website, but we need to be able to locate the owner of a Sender ID if there are ever duplicate Sender IDs.

Your SMS message in Qatar needs to be 160 characters or less if you’re using Latin characters, and 70 characters or less if sending an SMS to Qatar audiences in Arabic.

We accept payments in the form of Cash, Credit, Cheque, or Bank Transfer, and all messages are 100% prepay.

Our Service Levels are Tops in Qatar

We have always prided ourselves in providing SMS in Qatar with service levels that you will not find anywhere, including Ooredoo or Vodafone. Our services include Targeting Strategy, Copy Strategy, Frequent Follow-Up, SMS pre-tests, Post Message Reporting, Web Analytics Tracking, and Post-Message Debriefs.

Take the Silverfox SMS Challenge and see the difference that service and better value makes to our bottom line. Silverfox SMS is experienced in the Qatar SMS Marketing space, and will be very happy to help you achieve MORE with LESS.

Put us to the test and we will beat whatever price you are getting for Qatar-targeted SMS Marketing by 3%, guaranteed. Contact +974 6688 1044 or email us at:

Silverfox SMS Marketing is prepared to drive leads to your business. Get the Cheapest SMS in Qatar with Silverfox SMS.

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