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Apps provide you with the best opportunity to engage your target audience, strengthen your brand’s loyalty, and cultivate a loyal customer/client base. Would you like your company to have one built? We provide 100% transparent pricing for mobile application development.

Development of mobile applications

Mobile application development is a rapidly growing market segment that Silverfox can assist you with. Customer loyalty and brand recognition can be fostered through mobile apps.

A mobile apps company in Qatar like Silverfox can help you with your mobile app development project. We custom-design mobile apps with cutting-edge research and development to match your project requirements.

Our team of industry professionals also provides quality assurance to ensure your project is done right and you get the results you expect.

We can build and test mobile applications to work across a variety of mobile devices, from small smartphones to large tablets.

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Developing mobile applications & web applications for our customers

Throughout Silverfox, we have a team of designers and developers who are able to work on a range of mobile applications. Intricate networking equipment and complex mobile interfaces are among our applications for wireless devices.

By integrating our solutions across devices, your business can create better efficiency and lower costs, including a reduction in advertising costs.

Many business functions can be addressed through our mobile app development services, including:

  • Management of projects
  • Documentation of timesheets
  • Collaboration and checking of emails from a remote location
  • Logistics, inventory management, and tracking
  • Automating the sales force
  • Market research, data entry, and field surveys
  • Sites designed for mobile devices
  • Provide consumers and partners with quick access to important business information

Providing cutting-edge mobile designs and development, Silverfox is a leader in the field. The pricing chart below describes how much we charge for mobile app development.

Developing prototypes and conducting research

Our research and prototyping team can help you develop a mobile application that is cutting-edge and successful! With Silverfox’s team of experienced developers, you can reduce the risk in your mobile device application project and get valuable insight into its feasibility. To demonstrate your concept to potential investors and partners prior to full development, we can also create a prototype from your idea.

Solutions for mobile devices that are customized

In addition to designing and developing your vision for a mobile application, Silverfox can help you customize it to meet your specific needs and desires. We can assist you with any stage of the wireless project you are at, regardless of how complex it may be. The Silverfox team will make sure the project is completed right and you are completely satisfied with the results, whether it is in its infancy, in the middle of development, or is just in need of a quality assurance review.

Implementing a port

By using Silverfox, mobile applications can be ported between handheld devices as well as from one platform to another, as well as from web applications to desktops. Porting is an effective method for saving money and time when it comes to managing your business.

Integrate with existing applications

Interested in adding your hand-held application to existing web applications and databases? Are you looking for an audience of mobile users? No problem! You can integrate Silverfox’s mobile tools into your existing website and business tools by designing and developing custom mobile apps.

Mobile device users can now view your content on mobile devices, saving you time and increasing your market reach. You can also submit and retrieve information from the field in real-time with the help of mobile business tools.

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