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ou can reach extremely targeted, responsive online audiences with media buying and advertising placements. Therefore, your ads will generate more clicks, and your site will receive more visitors, resulting in more revenue. Whenever and wherever you spend your money, you always know exactly where it goes.

Media Buying Pricing for Online Ads

In order to get your ads shown to the right people online, you need a company that adapts to your needs. Silverfox provides media buying and ad placement services that ensure your target audience is reached optimally. Planned features with Silverfox are:

  • A variety of solutions targeted to your business needs, including targeting demographics and psychographics, as well as providing potential customers with your website
  • Your advertisements can be displayed on a wide range of websites your target customers visit often, so you can ensure they show up on those sites
  • Your business will benefit from dedicated online media buying specialists who constantly monitor and test websites to determine which ones convert the best

Pricing is not published online by most online agencies. It might be that they have concerns about competition or just don’t feel comfortable buying online media. Because of this, you, the client, won’t know how much each plan will cost.
Our pricing is publicly available at Silverfox. Despite the value that you receive, we know that no one will offer you a more competitive price – and we want to provide you with all the information you need up front, such as how online media is purchased. In order to provide the best Internet media buying campaign for your business, we’ve built an award-winning team of Internet marketers and web designers.

Your goal for your online marketing campaign should be to define the target market

Our business development and marketing experts will help you define your target customers’ interests and lifestyles so that we can best match our services with your business objectives. There are several demographic variables that media buyers can focus on, including age, gender, education, and others.

It is still necessary to know the gender and age range of your target audience when buying media online, but you need to dig deeper. Which interests do your demographics have? Are they interested in reading about what? How would you describe their passions? In their free time, what types of activities do they enjoy? We will better understand how to place your campaign by answering these questions, as well as others.

Every customer is different

Your customers are as unique as your business. The customers you attract from both a geographic and behavioral standpoint contribute to your business’s success and growth, along with the media buying that goes along with it. If your products and services fit the needs of your customers, then who could be a better target with your campaign?

With our services, we help you reach both those customers who are likely to be loyal to your business for many years, as well as those who are interested in your products or services. Your ultimate goal is to have loyal customers, right? Fortunately, you can achieve this goal with the assistance of any digital marketing agency in Qatar or even worldwide!

Knowledge-driven targeting

If anyone is familiar with your potential customers’ demographics, it is you. Using our online media buying services, Silverfox ensures you reach the right audience.

With our large directory of online advertising spots, we can place your online ads on sites your target demographics are likely to visit.

Silverfox answers common questions when using behavior as the basis for targeting. What has your customer base been up to? In what do they mainly have an interest? Knowing their values, or their attitudes toward specific products and services, is only the start.

By using keyword-targeting (also called contextual targeting) companies can determine an individual’s exact interests and lifestyle, including what sites they visit frequently, what sites they recommend to their friends, what search engine queries they use, and what hobby they enjoy.

Media targeting based on time and location

The location of your target audience is another important consideration in online media buying. Your ads will appear in dynamic areas based on the geographical location of your customers, whether you are a local, national, or global business. Our expert team is trained to know what would work best, and you can decide whether to base that on their IP address or local sites. Our agency can help you make the most of the geo-targeting features offered by Google, Bing, Facebook, and other ad websites, and as one of the leading online media buying agencies in the industry, we have mastered the art of creating those ads.

Our ads can even target specific days of the week or even specific hours of the day, so you can set your ads to run at the times that are right for you. We can ensure that your ads won’t run during those times or days if your target customers won’t be online. A media buyer can provide you with that kind of precision, making him so vital to your business.

Analysis of the pricing of online media and network research

Choosing the best sites to place ads is essential. We ensure that your ads are being placed on sites your customers visit since Silverfox offers a wide variety of targeting options. By doing so, you will avoid wasting your valuable budget on guesswork or gut feelings, and instead maximize your ROI from digital media buying.

Aside from researching online media buying prices, we will also determine which placement opportunities can generate sales for you. We monitor and test continually to ensure that the budget you spend is put into the site that converts best for your business, resulting in revenue that covers all your campaign costs.

Getting the results you want from Internet media buying

Identifying your business’s media buying needs and thoroughly understanding your campaign goals will help us to come up with a solid media buying strategy. A site’s placement strategy includes analyzing the site’s audience, the way you are planning to target your audience, as well as the potential for advertising. Making sure that these factors are in balance will make sure that your online media purchases don’t waste your money.

Designing and creating online advertisements

The online ads you run shouldn’t just reflect your brand, but reflect the brand as a whole. In addition to creating ads that are consistent for branding purposes, our award-winning design team also creates ads that will stand out and are accompanied by strong calls to action. Every online ad will be aligned with the specific placements in online media.

A flight plan for online media buying

Our strategy is in place and we’re giving it our best shot now, but one more piece is still missing: the schedule moving forward. Our decision regarding the exact placement of the ads will be made after we have determined their exact timing. Our schedule will then be approved by you.

Remarketing strategy for digital media buying

Wouldn’t it make more sense to market your products and/or services to those customers who have already visited your site? Is that all we need to do? Would you mind sharing what happens to people who abandon their shopping carts after adding items to them? Have you gotten any emails from people who visited your contact page but didn’t fill out the form? Users who have expressed interest in your campaign can be a great source of revenue for your digital media buying campaign.

Maintaining your digital media campaigns and ensuring their success

Online advertising offers the biggest advantage of being able to change your campaign on the spot. Print publications and magazines do not allow you to do that. Therefore, maintaining your online media campaigns requires continuous monitoring and support.

Silverfox will evaluate your campaign and make any editorial and strategic adjustments needed to adjust placements, media buys, the ad design, and contextual targeting.

Your campaign will be monitored continuously by Silverfox and changes will be made where possible to improve the campaign. Is there a way to reach more people for less money? Is there a new media placement available online? We will be testing and adjusting the campaign as we improve it. Rather than focusing on delivering products, we adapt to our clients’ individual needs.

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