Pay-per-click agency that drives results

Silverfox is one of the most outstanding PPC agencies, focusing on your company’s success as a whole. With our PPC management services, you can increase conversions, traffic, or both by improving conversion rates and increasing sales.

With Silverfox’s transparent PPC services, small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) can attract more qualified leads and sales that are high in value and extend your reach on places like Google, Facebook, and Bing. Additionally, our dedicated paid search managers, landing page designers, and copywriters do more than just provide monthly reporting; they also provide continuous campaign testing and optimization. We offer everything you need for a worthwhile pay-per-click campaign, including results.

Marketing services to grow your business using PPC

The best way to target your most qualified audience with PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is to reach them where they’re already looking, and you’ll gain a leg up on your competition.

With our PPC management services, Silverfox can deliver a custom PPC campaign to maximize conversions and revenue for your company.

Check out the table below to see what’s in each of our PPC plans, and to find out how paid ads can drive success for your business.

Silverfox offers a range of paid search advertising products.

In addition to our PPC management services, we also provide platform-specific PPC services, including advertising and remarketing. Feel free to explore our services or contact us for more information about these different options.

With Silverfox, we cover all aspects of PPC management tailored for Google, Bing, and other search engines, whether for search, display, or shopping campaigns.

A full range of auditing services for PPC

We offer free PPC audit services to help you learn how to improve the performance of your online ad campaigns.

Advertising services on Facebook

Get brand awareness, likes, followers, and more with a custom Facebook advertising campaign.

Addressable Advertising Services

With this service, you can target users within your target audience by leveraging location via an online advertisement, leading to more store traffic, phone calls, and purchases.

Remarketing Services

With PPC ads, re-engage past visitors to your website by encouraging them to visit, call, or make a purchase.

Geofencing Advertising Services

Geofences can be used to target conferences, competitor locations, and more using custom remarketing audiences.

Social Media Advertising Services

With an integrated social media advertising system, you can advertise across LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other sites.

Here are a few reasons why we are the best at managing PPC campaigns.

With our PPC management services, each detail of your campaign will be taken into consideration, so you will get the most out of it. We provide customized strategies for mid-sized businesses to match the objectives of a campaign with the PPC advertising services we provide.

For all advertising campaigns managed by Silverfox, you’ll benefit from the latest technology in advertising to help narrow your target market. Our team utilizes Google’s vast PPC network, text ad and banner remarketing to reach your target audience, customer match and audience match to specify your audience, and many more, our campaigns provide our clients with maximum visibility and encourage past visitors to convert.

Purchasing the all-in PPC advertising plan gives you access to services such as fraud monitoring, click-through reporting, and setup and management of rule-based bidding. You can utilize these additional services to fine-tune your campaign more and monitor your campaign to the best of your abilities.

With our market leader plan, we guarantee website conversion analytics reporting, in addition to local PPC management and an Unbounce landing page template set up.

You can request a quote for some of our PPC advertising services, so feel free to contact us for more information.

What services does our PPC management include?

Choosing our PPC management solutions for your online advertising campaigns, you will receive a complete turnkey solution to plan, manage, and improve your PPC campaign. Additionally, we offer a full range of pay-per-click management services since we have over 7 years of experience in the industry.

Here’s a taste of our PPC advertising management services:

  • Artificial intelligence is used to analyze competitor ad strategies.
  • A custom ad campaign copy is developed, and then it is tested for performance.
  • Strategically, we bid on your ads to maximize your return on investment.
  • Our team optimizes current ad copy, design, and targeting to improve performance.
  • In order to ensure good PPC performance, we monitor and update account settings.
  • Our software tracks up to 100 phone calls for web leads.
  • Reports are provided on a regular basis to keep your business updated.
  • Our dedicated account representatives will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Using our customized PPC strategies, we cater to your business’s, industry’s and goals.
  • Our team analyzes up to 10,000 keywords for your campaign.
  • Our primary targets are Google (including search and display), Gmail, and Bing. 
  • And more!

You can expect to receive deliverables from our PPC management plans depending on the package you selected.

In the example above, if you choose our Basic Plan, you do not receive website conversion analysis reporting that may show you where your site’s design is stopping conversions. Market Leader, in comparison, will provide that service.

For more information on our online ad management services, contact us online.

Silverfox is one of the best PPC management service providers.

With over 400 customer testimonials, Silverfox has proven to be experts in our craft. We have worked with hundreds of clients who have used our PPC services to drive meaningful results for their companies.

Here are some more reasons why Silverfox is the right choice for your PPC management needs.

PPC management pricing that is transparent

We believe that in order to approach our clients favorably, we must be transparent, and that includes the amount we are charging for pay per click management.

Our company wants you to know right up front if our PPC management services are suitable for your company based on the cost of management, and we also wish you to see what is included in each package.

Moreover, this creates a foundation for us to discuss budgets and what is included in each of our plans.

You are our priority, and we work to achieve your goals.

Silverfox considers its clients as family. We know in some cases, what we do can make or break a business. Therefore, we are not allowing it to be taken lightly.

Our goals include ensuring that your campaign achieves the best possible results for your business, and we do everything in our power to ensure that it exceeds your expectations.

Your happiness is what keeps us going.

By utilizing our services, you are able to save valuable time.

Silverfox is one of the best PPC companies that can handle your campaign from start to finish. Anything from writing your ad copy all the way through managing your campaign, we will take care of you.

Our campaign managers will listen to your needs and requirements, put together plans for your campaign, and keep you up-to-date with its success.

With our expertise, you can be confident that we’ll develop your campaign and strategy, undertake keyword research and selection, and even conduct an analysis of your industry so we know how to target the right people.

All copywriting for your ad campaign will be handled by us, we’ll test the performance, and constantly refine the keyword list so your ad is on point.

PPC is our specialty, so we have it under control.

Our ROI reporting is transparent.

As we mentioned previously. It is crucial to analyze the results of your ads to ensure that conversions and traffic are increasing

We’ve got this covered as well.

Our team of analysts will provide campaign analytics, test landing pages, and make sure your keywords are driving results.

You’ll get regular updates from us regarding how your campaign is performing and find out what steps to take next.

Every campaign we craft is unique to you.

It goes without saying that every business is unique, and therefore, every business has its own needs.

This means that every campaign is specifically designed to include the elements you are most interested in. You can choose from a basic plan, an aggressive plan, and a market leader plan that fit your business best, so you can take full advantage of our PPC management services.

Here are 6 reasons why PPC is extremely beneficial for your business

For your business, there are several reasons why you should think about implementing a PPC campaign. It’s not only very cost-effective, but it’s also extremely targeted, and it results in very fast results for your site.

We will discuss each in further detail if you’re not convinced already.

  1. It is a cost-effective and simple way to advertise.

You may be wondering why pay-per-click is the most cost-effective way for your business to advertise. Here’s the skinny.

You pay for space that your advertisement occupies on television, in a newspaper, or on a billboard. Two-inch square ads in local magazines or in the newspaper are nearly as expensive as a billboard, and they are typically upwards of a thousand dollars.

PPCS is the same concept as placing ads in newspapers and magazines except your ad shows up on search engines. Consequently, a lot of people believe that if you want real estate in search results, you need to buy it, but that is not true.

With PPC, Google only charges you when people click on your ad, instead of for the space that your advertisement takes up on results pages.

As a result, Google only charges you for PPC management when there’s an actual potential for a sale. Additionally, more than half of site visitors who come from PPC have ended up purchasing something. PPC advertisement is so highly targeted, it drives people to purchase a product. 

This is only the first benefit from this online marketing strategy.

  1. The results are quick

One more reason is that the time it takes for you to see results from a PPC campaign is incredible.

The traffic to your website can start increasing within the first week of starting a PPC campaign, since ads show up for your targeted keywords after you bid on them and have a great quality score.

For long-term strategies like search engine optimization or email marketing, it can take a few months to see results, though the benefits are worth the wait.

If you want a fast way to get results, PPC is for you. Just audit your PPC campaign regularly to make sure it is performing properly. Additionally, you can read our full-proof PPC guide to learn more.

  1. Tracking results is easy.

Having the ability to track results makes a campaign stand out from the crowd because it will show you which elements work, and which fail.

Having clear metrics on how well your campaign is performing makes it apparent which elements are key. These metrics can show you how you can improve your campaign’s performance.

Test your ads using A/B tests, for example, and you can determine if users are responding differently to your ads. Simply choose two ads with the same creative except for the variable you are testing.

For example you have clothing hanging on a hanger in one ad, and in the other, it is being worn by a model.

When you conduct A/B testing, you can easily see which ad is performing better and use the results to fine-tune your ad to generate the most clicks possible.

In general, you can use Google Ads to track the success for your advertisements based on the click through rate, conversion rate, and more. These statistics can help you figure out whether your marketing message is targeting the right audience, or if your words may need to be reworded.

You can’t go wrong with tracking your campaign results, and PPC allows you to do so easily.

  1. Essentially, it’s hyper-targeted

Another benefit of PPC is that they are hyper-targeted.

In fact, PPC is the most highly-targeted of all strategies since it can help you reach your most qualified customers.

You can choose the specific advertising that is most useful to your specific audience.

You can target your audience with Google Ads using the following strategies:

  • Demographics – A demographic audience targeting is a great way to use the data about your customers. It lets you know about where they live, which gender, where they live and even which kind of device they use.
  • In-market. A marketing activity called in-market targeting is one of the most effective ways to reach the audience you want. It enables you to reach a customer who has been searching for the products and services you offer. The benefits of this are that you have an edge on your competitors, since your ad seems to show up more often on the pages of customers that are interested in your goods. Advertisements can be targeted to users that used your website previously, or to people who are interested in what you sell.
  • Custom intent. In Google Ads, with the help of intent audiences, you can choose keywords, phrases, and other content that relate directly to the people who’re most likely to order from your website. Also, you can add URLs of websites, videos on YouTube, and other content to provide even more targeted advertisements.
  • Remarketing. The remarketing method is one of the best PPC strategies out there, allowing you to essentially show your ads to users who have shown an interest in your ads in the past. Advertising through remarketing ensures that your business and products stay in front of your audience’s minds, especially if they have expressed an interest in purchasing before.
  • Similar audiences. Using your remarketing campaign, you can target similar audiences to those you are already focusing on using your PPC campaign. You could, for example, set your remarketing list to be comprised primarily of 30-year-old women, and tailor the ad specifically to people in this demographic group with an intent to purchase skin-softening lotion. Targeting in this way triggers ads based on similar interests and demographics.
  • Content keywords. Your ad can appear in search results when people look for keywords within the content of your ad. Targeting with keywords is great because you can update them to reflect the seasons like holidays and announcements. You can also customize them to target a specific demographic or search intent.
  1. Consumers get a straightforward way to convert

A user who clicks on your PPC ads, is brought to a landing page. That’s what it feels like to hand-feed customers easy ways to purchase one of your products.

An effective landing page entices visitors to provide you with their information or attempt to make a purchase.

Landing pages include pages with contact forms, quote forms, or even sites that offer the users the option of “buy now.”

Regardless of how your landing page is set up, it is the first site a user will see when they click an ad, giving you the chance to sell to them.

  1. As a result, revenues grow.

Traffic to your website, landing pages, and PPC management costs can increase your revenue with PPC ads.

A PPC ad’s combination of these three features can help your business to grow exponentially, and quickly.

When you successfully bid on an ad in your industry, your ads will go live immediately, this means that users who search for that keyword will see the ads.

Getting top placement on a results page ensures you gain as much traffic as possible to your website with PPC ads.

Nearly half of all clicks on the first page of search engine results come from paid ads, so the top three paid ads are responsible for 41% of overall clicks.

How can a PPC agency help you?

An effective PPC strategy involves constant adjustments, it is not just a “set it and forget it” strategy.

In the course of running a business, you stand more chances of being involved in PPC than in managing checks and inventory.

It’s with agencies you’ll gain a competitive advantage. Hiring a PPC agency to manage your campaign is likely one of the smartest business moves you’ll make, because most businesses lack the resources needed to craft a successful PPC campaign.

Here are some advantages of employing a PPC management agency.

You can avoid educating someone full-time on PPC

It is extremely important to become extremely knowledgeable about PPC, how it works, and what different strategies are used in a campaign if you want to have successful campaigns.

Especially when you’re running your own business, PPC is a challenging feat, especially if you’ve never studied it before.

If you don’t want to have one employee out of the loop, it’s better to train someone else to be literate in all things PPC.

If you hire a PPC management service agency, you don’t have to learn PPC yourself, and you can trust the pros to handle the rest!

You save time with it.

The time you save by hiring a PPC company is immeasurable.

Getting an expertise takes time, and it’ll eat up a lot of your time if you do it yourself or have someone on your staff do it for you.

In addition, PPC must be consistently monitored, Or you won’t get the best results.

Being a business owner and checking in on the success of an advertising campaign every day is difficult, so why not hire a professional?

What you want is what you get.

The agency will be able to assist you with creating PPC ads, targeting specific keywords, getting specific demographics, and setting up a remarketing campaign.

With the help of a PPC agency, you will be able to obtain exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to PPC, and they’ll make sure you begin seeing results.

Do your research to make sure the PPC agency you choose offers all the options you want included in your campaign. DISCLAIMER: Not every PPC agency is good.

It’s their expertise

People who work at PPC agencies are considered experts in their field. If they weren’t, then they shouldn’t be working for agencies!

With Silverfox, our PPC experts have thousands of hours of training under their belt, and they are truly experts in their craft.

A clever marketing strategy can significantly boost your business’ success, so why go at it without the experts? Call on us today to learn more!

FAQs about PPC management services

Are you looking for information concerning PPC management services? Feel free to browse our FAQ!

What is PPC?

The term pay-per-click (PPC) describes an online advertising strategy in which advertisers will only get paid if someone clicks on their ad. PPC ads can appear on search engines, websites, and social media networks.

What are PPC management services?

PPC management services include strategy development, bid management, copywriting, and more. You receive a specialized team dedicated to customizing your paid search strategy and campaigns.

What do PPC services include?

In most cases, PPC services include keyword targeting, bid management, and regular reporting. Deliverables for PPC services may vary depending on the service provider, as well as the plan selected.

How much do PPC management services cost?

Our PPC management basic service starts at (insert price here). Call us at +974 6688 1044 to get a quotation tailored to your needs today!

Seeking the best PPC management services?

Silverfox’s optimization services offer a wide array of benefits, contact us today to learn more.

Our sales team has generated more than one million qualified leads for our customers, as well as more than 1.5 million qualified calls. We optimize your advertising for your business’s success.

Furthermore, we have been named the best digital marketing company in Qatar for three years in a row and have become a Google Premier Partner Company.

Our team has over 100 digital marketers worldwide who are all experts in their field, and in total we’ve logged over a million hours of learning. That’s a lot of expertise!

Because we offer more than just PPC services, we are also able to handle more than just content marketing. Here are some of our other services:

SEO (search engine optimization). When used in tandem with PPC, SEO is a powerful strategy that boosts your website ranking when organic searches, increases traffic to your website, and positively impacts conversions.

Social media marketing. Using a global social media agency in Qatar like Silverfox, your brand can connect with your target audience on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The perfect posts will be crafted by us to strengthen your online presence and help you position yourself as an industry expert.

Email marketing. Your customers may remember you when you stay in touch with them by email, that is why email marketing is a worthwhile investment. During our email content creation process, we will help you craft the perfect copy for your customers that keeps them coming back for more.

Web design. We will develop a website from the ground up if you are striving to have users be impressed even after they clicked a PPC advertisement. In addition to creating websites, we can also optimize existing websites to improve conversion rates.

Content marketing. Keeping your target audience informed is paramount when it comes to ranking highly on search engine results pages, Silverfox can help craft quality, targeted content for your website.

We can offer you a comprehensive range of digital marketing strategies to drive results no matter what kind of strategy you choose.

Our goal is for each of your campaigns to work together for maximum results and you’ll be part of the process every step of the way.

Silverfox is the PPC advertising agency you need that will deliver results.

Please feel free to contact us for a quote online, or call +974 6688 1044

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