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SMS Marketing Still Delivers the Best Results?

You may be asking a crucial question about which digital marketing tactic suits your business best in a world where personalized strategies, like email and SMS, are rapidly changing the way we advertise.

Looking forward to finding out? Check out this article and learn more about SMS marketing, plus find out if it will be effective for you. Whenever you are in need of marketing assistance, contact Silverfox.

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SMS marketing: how does it work?

The purpose of SMS marketing is to promote brand awareness through permission-based text messages. Your company will text an automated message to a certain number offered by a customer.

Getting prompt confirmation of a user’s subscription to text message updates allows you to send periodic messages to maximize engagement and results with the assistance of a marketing team.

SMS marketing has several advantages

What are your thoughts on SMS marketing? It offers the following benefits:

1. Quickness

Your customer’s attention is drawn to their smartphone as soon as they hear a “ding” from their phone. A text is a great way to engage your audience and ensure that your message gets through.

2. Internet access isn’t necessary

You can send and receive text messages without Wi-Fi.

As a result, you can interact with users whenever and wherever they are, a feature that is extremely valuable for businesses in industries such as food, retail, and tourism. Having a promotion for your restaurant on the way home from work, for example, could motivate users to stop in.

3. Strong engagement with users

Texts will likely grab your audience’s attention even if calls and emails remain unanswered. This could result in an increase in sales, and higher engagement levels for your business

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SMS marketing has some disadvantages

Despite its benefits, SMS marketing does have some  limitations, including:

1. Limitations on length

You must keep your text messages short and to the point, since they are designed to be short. Since most users receive a text message notification with a preview, it’s crucial that you develop your messaging in a way that will hook and entice your readers.

2. Price

The fact that telecom companies charge their users to send and receive text messages highlights the importance for companies to take the cost for their organization and their users into account. If you message your subscribers too often, your unsubscribe rate could rise. Additionally, your return on investment could decrease, which is why you should monitor and manage SMS  marketing costs.

3. An absence of trust

You may have trouble building trust with users if they receive many fraudulent texts. As a result, SMS marketers should always opt users in first. Making sure your business goals – and intentions – are clear from the beginning is also vital to SMS marketing.

Here are three examples of SMS marketing that work

The following SMS marketing tactics can help you find inspiration to get started if you’re unsure about how to launch your SMS campaign:

1. Tanger Outlets

A way to increase customer loyalty is to offer them a reason to join the company’s mobile services. The Tanger Outlets model demonstrates this perfectly. Subscribers of the outlet center may receive coupons, updates and promotions.

2. Reset Games

Your SMS opt-in number can also be displayed on your front window if you are largely a brick-and-mortar operation rather than ecommerce-based. Local game store Reset Games applies this SMS approach as a way to reach out to shoppers and promote their messaging service.

3. Lunds & Byerlys

By allowing consumers to join a texting club in this Minneapolis supermarket, it was easy to bring in new members. Customers can easily sign up for these texting services since they are included on every receipt. Using this strategy for your SMS marketing is suitable for both brick-and-mortar businesses and ecommerce platforms.

Marketing by email vs. marketing by SMS: Which is better?

In addition to their benefits, SMS and email marketing have their own disadvantages.

However, which solution is right for your company? This is a common question that unfortunately doesn’t have a clear-cut answer, since what will have the best results for your company depends on many factors, including budget, goals, and desired results.

Both platforms can be used to engage your audience and keep your brand in front of them. You may benefit from incorporating both services into your marketing plan if you want to maximize your results.

Explore the world of SMS marketing

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