What to explore after you’ve learned social marketing?

There are lots of different trends nowadays, some of which exist without you even knowing they exist.

In this article, you will discover the trends that will help you excel in your social marketing adventures!

The barrier in marketing today

Due to the pandemic, there are a lot of hindrances that keep pulling us down. There are lots of questions like: how do I make my services known? How do I make my products marketable? And how can I do it if the pandemic limits my customers to go outside? 

No matter how many questions are asked, there is no reason to stop in the current situation when it comes to business. Instead, you need to move forward and be flexible enough to join the trend.

Like Nokia, the number 1 phone company back in the early 2000s, it failed to shift its strategy, resulting in a severe decline in sales in 2009. Nokia’s story teaches us always to be prepared in all situations, learn to ride on different trends, innovate yourself to be better, and adjust when necessary. Rather than get stagnant, you have to grow alongside the trend. 

Standing out on your own can be challenging. You might’ve heard about the trends on Google search, or even about the changes happening due to Apple and privacy. It would be best if you changed your strategy when it comes to such high gravity changes.

Here are some social media trends that will help you on your journey.

#1 Earn by Using Your Written Content!

You might’ve heard of blogging since it’s considered prehistoric to some (in a digital context). Or perhaps Medium if you think blogging is out of date. Then comes Substack. Want to know the difference? If you want to own the audience, use Substack; on the other hand, Medium doesn’t have that kind of specification. When someone signs up at Subtack, you have the ability to see who your audience is and get their email; a whole new level of transparency!

Substack is known as a disintermediation technology. Basically, more prominent publications were written by journalists who owned the distribution. With Substak, you own the distribution, and the consumer has the option to pay for your exclusive content. Part of the earnings will be paid to the writer, which opens the idea of content flowing directly to the consumer – a new opportunity for content producers.

A great way to add eye candy to your written content comes in the form of news that Twitter acquired from the blogging site, Revue. Twitter believes that this is going to help people monetize, “We’ll help you build your audience faster because we’re Twitter.”

Aside from Revue, Twitter also acquired Breaker (a social podcasting app), Squad (a text, video, and screen sharing app), and the launching of Spaces to compete with their competitor, Clubhouse. This proves that Twitter is up for exciting changes and acquisitions.

Going back to Revue, it is Twitter’s ace for longer-form content. If you’re a huge fan of Twitter, then this tool allows you to own your list. This is evidence that Revue is an upgraded version of Medium, which gives Twitter an increased market advantage. You may want to consider using Revue as an alternative to Substack.

#2 Interactive Real-time Audio Content

When was the last time you had a burst of excitement on a new platform? Here Here! We announce that Clubhouse is in the building! In Clubhouse, anyone can be a star and have their own show.

Clubhouse is the embodiment of how social media is disintegrating. A lot of social media platforms today are simply replicating each other’s service benchmarks, but we haven’t heard of something that replicates talk audio, right? In a podcast, you have the audience, but they don’t have the ability to participate. Then suddenly, Clubhouse appears; a platform that simulates radio, a total game changer!

What puts Clubhouse at an advantage is that while it is purely audio, it has a slice of social media management to it. It’s somewhat similar to talk radio, but you have the ability to browse and click on people’s photos and decide whether or not to bring them up to stage. Just as in a live talk show, where you can see your audience and talk to them in person, now you can do it digitally.

Since Clubhouse is a new and unique platform, it opens a lot of opportunities for innovation and disruption for those who seek it.

#3 Content Distribution Overload

As we all know, as marketers, we need to be greedy once in a while by maximizing every bit of opportunity we see. We want to make a name, be heard, and be seen. But it is getting harder each time because of the algorithms. A lot of marketers are being born each day, and the content is being pressed down to everyone, which causes an old case of information overload.

If you take a step back, you can see that the cost of being known is a lot cheaper, and it’s easier than it used to be. All you need are skills and a little bit of confidence in yourself. But now, everyone wants to be in the picture. Everyone is competing to be in the game. Being great isn’t enough. It costs knowledge, connection, and a whole lot of money.

Just like in the NBA, for you to stand out, you need to be part of a winning team. In our case, Facebook and YouTube are on it.

A nine-year-old Ryan Kaji has a net worth of $29.5 million and is spending a lot of money on toys, costumes, and game contents, some of which cost thousands of dollars, and promoting himself on the winning platforms. However, not everyone can afford such royalty, so we must find innovative ways to compete and get around these algorithms.

Back in the day, the most accepted ideas were those where you could build your own platform and earn your audience or join or Facebook since everyone was there. Now, the tables have turned because a lot of people are concerned about privacy or voices getting unheard (called cancel culture). YouTube has the power to shut you down if you publicize a video not suited to their standards or even political preferences.

Everything has changed over the past several years and you might get shocked to hear this, but our powers in social media platforms are now limited. For example, when Facebook eliminated Facebook notes, people who had all of their content on Facebook felt fear because everything that they worked on was gone. That’s one of the reasons why you need to have an archived room for your content, mailing list, etc., and a copy of your audience for backup purposes. It is your hard work that has put you in your position, so fight for it! 

One of the easiest methods is to ask for help. If you’re living in Qatar, try Silverfox Digital. From business consulting, corporate training, and social media marketing. The company is known for Its outstanding performance in doing the job right. Delivering well-thought campaigns and marketing investment returns. So if you’re looking for an all-around digital marketing agency in Qatar, try Silverfox Digital!

Another tip to note is to learn about the regulations in your area. We don’t know what may happen in the future. There is a possibility that the regulations that we are used to might change tomorrow. Aside from it, the potential for lawsuits and investigations around privacy and monopolistic behavior could loom large on the industry. It’s better to join a war with weapons rather than joining empty-handed. 

Find a way to backup everything; data, audiences, or even a copy of the products you have because everything may change tomorrow. It may leave you with nothing but yourself.

#4: Influencer Marketing Still a Trend

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing line items on the marketer’s budget. There have been a lot of changes over the years in advertising and marketing programs. People used to be happy when they advertised products or services in newspapers. Nowadays, it would be insufficient since everything is digital. And it can cost a lot to be heard digitally.

 There’s a limit in spending on digital advertising. Only a certain saturation level of digital advertising exists, for fear that people may tune them out after being annoyed.

The cost of digital advertising depends on the demand of people and given the fact that we only have limited inventory, businesses are forced to look for alternatives. One of these is influencer marketing, and it is the secret sauce in today’s market.

 You have a lot of options when it comes to influencer marketing. The most common option is the celebrity-type influencer, which has many followers who are potential customers for your business. The good news about it is they commonly ask for merchandise in exchange for their services.

 With this being said, even agencies are taking advantage of this trend, creating and building a team of micro-influencers with a minimum of 10,000 followers. To attract more customers and new leads. Even customers have taken to influencers as a means of deciding on what products and services to support.

 Talent agencies are becoming competitive in the market. If they can hire big names in the industry, they have the power to control the market.

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