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Silverfox Social is a social media agency in Qatar that offers full-service across the social media spectrum.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is the process of managing, creating, analyzing, and publishing content you post, to boost your online presence on social media platforms like Facebook. It includes engaging and interacting with your audience and uses a wide variety of tools to oversee your social media management.

Silverfox Digital is a social media agency in Qatar that offers full-service across the social media spectrum. Our highly experienced team creates and manages top-performing social media campaigns for all types of businesses and government entities in Qatar. We are expert in all types of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram, and can flawlessly execute your brand’s social media for you. With our decades of experience establishing and nurturing Qatar Airways to the number one most liked airline on social media, you’re in good hands with us. Call us for a free consultation.

Social Media Management has a number of critical steps which agencies and marketers in Qatar typically overlook, or place too small of an emphasis on. Silverfox Social is Qatar’s professional social media partner, handling Strategy, KPIs, Content Strategy, Execution, Community Management, Advertising, and Social Customer Care… all under one roof.

What platforms does social media management cover?

These are a few examples of platforms for social media management.

Facebook Marketing

With over 2 billion monthly users, you are guaranteed to reach your targeted audience through Facebook. Our deep targeting and data science methods drive your ROI.

Twitter Marketing

Increase brand recognition through Twitter. Twitter has over 330 million users and is used by all ages, from 18-64. We can reach high-end users for your brand.

Instagram Marketing

A picture says a thousand words. Use one of the most engaging social media platforms that over 60% of people use to discover new products. We understand the Qatar market.

LinkedIn Marketing

Reach up to 500 million decision-makers through the most popular social media platform for businesses. We can do amazing things for B2B marketers in Qatar.

Pinterest Marketing

Use the best social media platform for businesses that sell consumer goods. Reach up to 400 million users, and an audience that is primarily middle-high income women.

YouTube Marketing

With more than one billion users daily and a huge opportunity to make your business known, YouTube has proven that it is the best platform to showcase your business.


Facebook has a massive social media network with more than one billion daily users. It is a good investment if you want to gather a massive audience and target those who have the same interest as yours. That is one of the reasons why agencies recommend Facebook to start their social media management journey.

Facebook’s social media marketing:

      Demographics: Facebook has a wide variety of demographics, from gender, age, location, and more! Additionally, 50% of adults in Qatar use Facebook for their day-to-day life, Making it easier for your business to connect to your targeted audience.
      Uses: Facebook’s social media management is useful for building and maintaining your current and future customers. It also builds your business exposure and brand loyalty, Which can increase your revenues eventually.
      Perks: It features a massive option of ads and content formats. Additionally, with Facebook business-to-business community you can also gather new clients


Twitter is different from Facebook, from its reach, platform formats, and users. However, Twitter’s news-like formats can provide your business access to users that engage with brands daily.

Twitter’s social media marketing:

      Demographics: 40 percent of Twitter’s active users are from the age of 18-29 with less than 25 percent of adults in Qatar use Twitter.
      Uses: Twitter is a news-like platform that promotes a two-way conversation between brand and consumer. That is why if you’re looking to engage with your target audience, Twitter is one of those good options.
      Perks: Most of the users of Twitter are active and happy to engage with other users. Additionally, your business exposure would most likely be trending on Twitter compared to other platforms. Especially, if your target market is people between the ages of 18-29.

Twitter is recommended for those companies that target ages 18-29.


Instagram is part of Facebook’s owned apps that attracts audiences with the use of images and videos. With more than one billion active users each month, it gives companies the opportunity to come up with a different strategy to capture and engage with their target audience.

Instagram’s social media marketing:

      Demographics: 60% of users are between 18 to 29 and 40% are from between 30 to 49.
      Uses: Instagram is a platform that encourages the relationship with consumers and engages them with the use of photos and videos. That is why no matter what your industry is, you can always use Instagram to increase your audience.
      Perks: One of the benefits of Instagram is that more than 60% of users check in multiple times a day which increases the engagement of the audience to your company and encourages interaction.

Instagram is a good add-on to your social media marketing strategy. It is a good way to increase brand awareness as well as to provide your audience with quality marketing of your products or services.


With more than 550 million users, LinkedIn is the most-used platform for professionals to recruit and apply for jobs. That is one of the reasons why companies use this platform to promote themselves as industry leaders.

LinkedIn’s social media marketing:

      Demographics: Most of the users of LinkedIn are college students and graduates looking for a job. Additionally, 90 percent of LinkedIn users are also on Facebook and Instagram which will be helpful if your strategy focuses on those platforms as well.
      Uses: LinkedIn uses a news-like feed for your company’s announcement and industry news. It promotes assistance in developing relationships with other companies to boost your business reputation and brand awareness.
      Perks: Linked in offers businesses with leads with the use of Business to business operations. Additionally, 80 percent of B2B leads from social media comes from linked in. It is one of the reasons why most marketers rank it as the most effective platform for their business.

LinkedIn can offer several advantages for your business goals, market, and operations


With more than 200 million users daily, Pinterest is a platform to increase your brand awareness and let people know the beauty of your product or services. That is why businesses like clothing stores, flower shops, and woodworks are getting advertised on Pinterest first before posting on any social media.

Pinterest’s social media marketing:

      Demographics: Pinterest users are mostly females ranging from 18 to 49 and only 16 percent are men.
      Uses: Pinterest can help your business showcase your products in a non-promotional way. An example of this is to highlight the uses and features of your goods or services and giving the audience a pleasing to the eyes images of your goods. Influencer marketing is a good option for Pinterest for your business to attract more audiences.
      Perks: In a recent study, 85 percent of millennials use Pinterest for their purchase decisions for the future. With Pinterest, you provide information to customers that are planning to buy.

Pinterest is a good investment that can provide your business revenues in the future.


Youtube is everyone’s go-to if they want to learn something new. With more than one billion users daily and a huge opportunity to make your business known, YouTube has proven that it is the best platform to showcase your business.

Youtube’s social media marketing:

      Demographics: Youtube’s restrictions and laws prohibit harmful content making it a friendly platform for all ages.
      Uses: Youtube can help your business gain audiences by giving information through videos. For example, providing the behind-the-scenes manufacturing of your products, customer reviews, or Tips and facts about your product or service.
      Perks: All of your content on Youtube can be converted to any other social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, and more. This can lead your business to an advantage especially if you offer quality products or services.

Depending on your industry, Youtube can help your business attract new leads and increase brand awareness.

Silverfox is a social media agency in Qatar that specializes on all platforms that your business is interested in. Contact us online to have a one-on-one consultation with our leading experts and learn how Silverfox can help your business.

What does social media management include?

Social media management has a broad definition. That is why it is completely normal to wonder what social media includes so that your efforts will all be worth it.

The following are what social media management focuses on.

    1. Developing your social media advertisements
    2. Maintain and improve your existing social media strategy
    3. Developing your social media content calendar
    4. Creating a custom platform for your social media content
    5. Monitoring your social media performance
    6. Researching your target audience
    7. Responding to your social media followers
    8. Choosing your social media platforms
    9. Creating your social media strategy
    10. Growing your social reach
    11. Designing your social media profiles

These are all critical factors that influence the success of your advertisement. You may create an ad with a compelling CTA, but if you target it to the wrong audience, you won’t see the results you expected.

Before launching an ad campaign, you should have the chance to review and sign-off on your ads.

1. Developing your social media advertisements

If you partner with Silverfox, your social media manager will develop a unique advertising strategy for your company. the strategy will be the path for your business to earn more organic followers and user engagement.
All social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter have a different approach for advertisements and goals. It is highly recommended for your company to study or hire a professional like Silverfox for social media advertisement for your social media management strategy. Additionally, social media advertisement increases your leads, brand awareness, store visits, and more.

Here are some of the areas of what your social media manager will look at:

    • Cost-per-click (CPC)
    • Media
    • Calls-to-action (CTA)
    • Content
    • Audience
    • And more

All of these factors are critical for your advertisement to be successful. It is better to attract a small audience but all of them are organic, rather than to gather a massive audience but none of them are really interested in what you offer.

2. Maintain and improve your existing social media strategy

If you’re serious about marketing and advertising your business on social media, you need to consider social media audit. With a social media audit, you have a wide view of what is really happening in your social media campaigns.

Here’s a sneak peek of what our social media audit services include:

  • Analyzes your social media metrics to find trends
  • In-depth review of your social media goals
  • Reviews your competitor’s social media presence
  • Ensures that you’re hitting your target audience
  • Compiles your social media metrics
  • And more

If you partner with Silverfox, our social media manager will handle your audit to provide your company an immediate insight into your social media strategy. Additionally, your social media manager improves the campaign itself to achieve the best results for your business.

Silverfox offers social media strategy training in Qatar to give you a wide variety of strategies trending today and to prove that you can do it as well. Contact us online to learn about the services we offer.

3. Developing your social media content calendar

A content calendar is a reference point for your professional social media management campaign. It helps your business to know the most effective time for your content to be posted. This includes announcements, holidays, promos, and more!

With Silverfox, your social media manager will be the one to schedule your content and will ask for you to review and approve before publishing. This strategy secures every content available on your page is the content you want.

4. Creating a custom platform for your social media content

Content is the bread and butter of your page. It informs your audience about your business and what you offer. That is why content calendar and content creation works hand in hand for a better success rate in gathering organic audiences.

Audiences love good images and content, That is why companies hire a Digital company for their social media management that includes a copywriter and graphic designer.

5. Monitoring your social media performance

Monitoring your business performance is a crucial part of social media management It serves as a guide for your business to oversee what needs to improve. From tracking the performance of your advertisement to creative content, monitoring your advertisement performance can give you the leverage to improve and avoid future mistakes.

6. Researching your target audience

Knowing your audience is the secret spice in your social media management journey. If you know your audience and target their preferred platform, your social media management campaign can attract those organic audiences that most likely purchase what you offer.

As an example, Imagine social media marketing for cosmetics. Lipsticks and foundations are categorized as cosmetics, They both have a different audience.

Silverfox’s social media management offers audience research as well. That is why if you partner with us, your dedicated social media manager will ask your target audience in your first meeting. With this strategy, you can avoid spending money on advertisements for audiences who are not interested in your products or services.

Additionally, Silverfox offers building customer connections training in Qatar if you like the idea of learning in-depth knowledge about the process.

7. Responding to your social media followers

Your daily responsibility with social media management is to interact with your followers and commenters. It is one of the ways to build brand awareness and brand loyalty.

From a social media user’s perspective, A company’s interaction demonstrates that you care and can be trusted. This strategy can give you leverage against your competitors and gather new leads since your audience will now refer you to their connections. Additionally, 80 percent of social media users prefer a company with a recommendation. It gives them the security they need in this digital world full of scammers.

8. Choosing your social media platforms

The next step in your social media management campaign is to decide what platform to use. Your company will lose its precious time and money if you choose a platform that is not suitable for your business.

For example, Imagine a business that focuses on art and chooses LinkedIn as its platform. Although LinkedIn users are mostly college students, the platform is solely for hiring and business-to-business interaction. A company that focuses on art would gain more with a platform like Pinterest and Instagram.

If you are worried about choosing the wrong platform, contact us online at michaels996.sg-host.com for consultation and prices of our service. Our 24/7 customer service will address your concern and let you know how we can help your business.

9. Creating your social media strategy

Launching a social media campaign is never an easy task. The social media account manager will provide a strategy for an individual platform of your focus. Each platform has different characteristics and ways of strategizing. What works for one doesn’t work for all. That is why it is a tedious task that should be trusted by a professional social media account manager.

The following are also important factors that you should consider aside from boosting and prospecting for your audiences:

  • Goals: Why do you choose to use social media in your business? What is your main goal? Do you want more brand awareness and gain a more organic audience, or establish brand loyalty to your existing consumers?
  • Industry: Who are the industry leaders that can give your company a great impact through the connection on different platforms? What do your audiences want to know more? Is there content like blog posts and video guides that needs more attention in your social media?
  • Brand: What is the tone that you want to set as your brand voice? What is the color scheme that you use in social media? Are you getting more attention in the choices of creatives? Do you have a technique on how you engage with your consumers?

These questions help us to understand and customize a perfect strategy for your business. With this question, we at Silverfox.qa will help you side-by-side by giving these questions the best solutions.

10. Growing your social reach

There are a lot of ways of increasing your potential interested consumer. We have advertising, social media influencers, and connection with a lot of trusted organizations in the industry. Our work as your social media manager doesn’t stop in just giving your company brand awareness but also by providing good grounds in the field by providing an organic audience that doesn’t just need an advertisement to attract. We want to give you popularity in the correct target audience for consistency of results.

Using popular social media influencers has been used by a lot of multi-billionaire companies. This method aside from advertising has been providing great results for a long time. A sponsorship to a popular social media influencer in exchange for a chance to be featured in the vlogs that they produce.

This is a great chance to expand your reach to a lot of organic followers.

11. Designing your social media profiles

Branding is a soul of a company. It seems that the color schemes, the correct font, logo, and the tone of how you engage with the audience are minor factors. But the truth is, in a social media business that is established online, branding is everything. Consistency in all the social media platforms with the brand that you use affects the audience’s decision more than you think it is. It also affects their trust.

Our social media service that we provide also includes social media design specifically for your brand. We focus on creating a professional image that improves your audience’s trust.

Most of the time we focus on the platform that needs high definition image such as:
Instagram profile picture and post planning
Twitter header and background photo
Facebook header, posts, profile photo, and icon

All the customized designs made by our dedicated social media manager and designer are only posted and acted upon your approval. After optimizing your designs, we will work on your marketing goals such as post engagement and conversions.

What makes Silverfox.qa the top company that manages social media for small businesses?

We customize our service according to your need.

  1. We have a transparent social media agency

Proper planning and budgeting keep a business from having a consistent result. We provide you with transparent head-to-head planning and budgeting in accordance with your top-priority goal.

We understand that budgeting is a big factor in choosing a social media strategist, with Silverfox.qa, we provide you with clear and easy-to-understand pricing for all our services. We will provide you with detailed pricing that fits your budget.

A monthly report is also provided so you can track not just where your money goes, but also the growth of your business with our company. Included in the monthly report are the ads spent monthly, so you can budget what you are willing to spend.

We keep no secret from you, in Silverfox.qa, we value transparency!

  1. We provide a dedicated account manager for your business

In Silverfox.qa, you are our top priority!

That is why we will provide you the most dedicated account manager for your social media accounts and small business. We got your back.

Our dedicated social media account manager takes action to further understand the ins and outs of the company. We will provide you with a specific plan by studying immensely the maze of your business industry.

We will dive not just in depth to your business, but also to the competitors’ lair. We will paddle you on top of your field. From here on, your success is our success. We got your back.

  1. We give your company nothing but the best results

In just a small amount of time, our company always generates promising revenue from different clients that we have handled and we dedicate our time to continuously help them. It doesn’t end there. We will render you a result that will surely satisfy your expectation.

We customized strategy according to your business field. We have experienced professionals in different fields and advanced artificial intelligence technology that will put your business on top of the field of industry in no time.

A lot of our previous clients have generated a satisfying revenue, hired new team members that will contribute greatly to the growth of the company, expand their business in many different locations, launch a new line of products, beat the global competitors, and more. 

Our 90% client retention rate is proof that we will propel your company on top of the industry.

Are you looking for a social media management agency?

Silverfox is offering you a great deal like no other! We are trusted by many companies of different industries. We are a leading social media management agency based in Qatar. We will provide you with award-winning social media professionals that will ease your management of business like never before.

We value your time, connect with us by giving us a call at +974 6688 1044 , or contact us through our email address marketing@silverfoxdigital.com.

Why invest in social media management services?

Social media is considered a new normal tool in launching different brands and businesses. As this age has started, where almost every human being uses social media, the audiences that usually go to malls or physical shops are squeezed into different platforms. Social media is where a lot of small to midsize businesses start to venture to achieve satisfying results, as proven by a lot of big companies that earn billions every month using this tool. Launching your business to this new technique can be very overwhelming especially if you are new to the idea. Learning can take a lot of your time, whereas you should be planning more and doing more to your company.

This is the very reason why many multi-billion dollar companies invest in social media management services. The following are the services and deliverable that an agency as Silverfox.qa can offer:

  • Time is a commodity that is too precious for a company to lose. Save time for a lot of priority planning. We got your back. You can do more for your company, we will provide you with a partner social media manager that will do all your social media tasks. Save time by sacrificing the channel that provides you with the greatest revenue.
  • It can be very challenging to look for a trusted social media expert. You don’t have to worry anymore. We provide you with top-notch social media managers and related service experts.
  • Any social media venture cannot push forward without a strategy. A quality strategy alone can make you succeed in any venture you pursue. We assure you that our strategy is top-notch and actively produces promising results for the company. The strategy ranges from brand awareness plan to sales.
  • We will work aggressively to achieve your goals. We will increase your audience with organic followers as well as your sales. We will work with you side-by-side, in Silverfox.qa, your success is also our success. We got your back.

You are not alone in this venture.

Get ahead of your competitors, use these resources that are accessible to you by tapping side-by-side with our company. We will work with you with all our efforts to achieve the success that you want. Invest in a trusted social media management agency that provides the most satisfying result for your company. Invest in Silverfox.qa.

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