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A course aimed at inspiring your front-line teams to provide the kind of service that builds customer loyalty. We also teach how to sell better, and how to create visual content that can be used for your corporate social media team. Taught by visionaries from Dallas and Chicago in the USA, we are right here in Qatar.

Let’s get YOUR employees Working With Heart and build better customer connections!


We adapt our training curriculum to incorporate your company’s industry examples and terminology to ensure that our training can be directly applied to your business.

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customer service training in qatar


Together with our partner, Dallas-based Working With Heart, Silverfox Training was developed to advance the skills and unlock the capabilities of your people. Through in-person and online learning channels, we play a vital role in teaching and motivating your staff to perform at another level.

Made possible by our unique blend of business experience with some of the world’s most highly acclaimed brands, our team leaves clients energized and focused on what truly matters — Customer Service. With locations in Las Vegas, Dallas, and Chicago, in the USA, and Doha, Qatar, we are committed to addressing your company’s training needs.

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Customer Service Training

Silverfox Training has a dedicated customer care specialist division providing customized delivery of its courses to fit the training needs of clients.

Our comprehensive Customer Service training entitled Building Customer Connections, provides the skills your staff need in order to operate a thriving business. It’s our priority to help you achieve the outcomes you are aiming for, thus we are happy to customize our curriculum whenever requested.

Our unique blend of Customer Service, Sales, and Content Creation modules makes for an exciting course for all attendees. Course ratings are spectacular (achieving 4.95 out of 5.00 stars). We will energize and motivate your team to deliver their best and positively shift business results at your company.

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Building Customer Connections is Vital

The experience and skills your employees gain in our Building Customer Connections course form an important foundation for your business.

Enhancing your company’s Customer Service is vital because it builds a loyal customer base and attracts more trust and repeat business. In addition to Customer Service connections, we also teach ways to sell better, including cross-selling and upselling, all while keeping the Customer at the center of everything your team does.

We top things off with our visuals workshop, that helps your staff learn to do the amazing with their mobile phones, showing your brand up close & personal on social media – another vital connection point to your customers.


soft skills training
customer service training in qatar

This course is best suited to your front line customer service, operations, marketing, and sales teams. Anyone with Customer Contact stands to WIN by taking this course.

Building Customer Connections examines the key ingredients that create outstanding customer service, sales, and great visual content. Through a series of hands-on activities and role playing, your teams will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses in their service delivery, and will have the tools to improve dramatically.


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Customer Service

  • Customer Expectations
  • Customer Behavioural Styles
  • Types of Customer Behaviour
  • Customer Complaints via Social
  • Media
  • Dealing with Feedback, Complaints and Compliments
  • Customer Feedback Method


  • Consumer Behavior
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Profiling
  • Customer Personas
  • Type of Customers
  • Principles of Sales
  • Basic Selling Technique
  • Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing
  • Upsell and Cross-sell

Content Creation

  • Photography Tips and Tools
  • Videography Tips
  • Audio Recording for Video
  • Editing Tips and Video Tricks
  • TikTok for the Front Line
  • Content Strategy and Tools



Transform customer service that drives business results and your corporate culture


Get an understanding of sales techniques, cross-sell, and upselling to maximize business returns.


Learn how to capture marketing-ready photos and videos captured by your frontline team


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During your training with us, you receive experiential training from an expert in their field which ensures you can apply what you have learned directly back to your workplace. When you are training with us, you are learning from people with decades of business experience.


Michael stellwag

Michael Stellwag is a 25-year marketing veteran from Chicago, Illinois, USA. He has a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management from Embry-Riddle University, and an MBA from the University of North Texas. He has worked in leadership roles with Southwest Airlines, UBS Warburg,, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Qatar 2015.

Michael has led marketing efforts at some of the best travel companies worldwide, applying commercial business principles in everything he does. Under Stellwag’s leadership, luxury airlines, such as Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways have won numerous advertising industry accolades for their efforts in promoting their premium products online.

Stellwag later moved to the Qatar sports industry by joining Qatar 2015 to help organise the most important sporting event seen in the gulf, the world cup of handball. His efforts were instrumental in driving awareness and engagement with the 24th Men’s Handball World Championship.


Bill owen

Bill Owen is a resourceful, seasoned, and passionate leader with 40+-year record of achievement in driving unprecedented business brand visibility, devising creative and innovative strategies across communications, social media, teaching, and corporate growth implementation. Thrives in ever-changing, competitive, and dynamic environments. Intuitive leader with acute business sense; expert at guiding loyalty, analytics, trends, and business solutions that promote and consistently deliver organizational profits.

From the Dallas, Texas area, Bill has spent 10 years with American Airlines, followed by 30 years with Southwest Airlines, in the Schedule Planning department driving the future of the firm.  He also spent 20 years on the world-renowned Southwest Airlines Culture Committee where he served as a member, volunteer, leader, teacher, and strategist.  During his time at Southwest he regularly spent frequent weekends and other days out of the office, working at airports across the United States, and naturally gravitated to Customer-facing work stations.  Among other things, Bill excels in interacting with people.  And he loves it!

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