Join us for 2-days of intense social media training with a heavy dose of hands-on knowledge taught by long-time USA social media expert, Michael Stellwag. Michael is an international social media trainer with 25 years experience in Digital Marketing with some of the World's most recognized brands.

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Social Media Masterclass Jan 29-30 & Jan 31 - Feb 1

  • 2-days Course (Wed - Thu) & (Fri - Sat) from 8:00AM to 5:00PM
  • Westin Doha Hotel & Spa with plenty of coffee, buffet lunch, and free valet parking
  • Social Media Strategy Training & Theory, giving you a strong foundation of understanding of all major social media channels
  • Hands-On Experience of Entire Social Media Spectrum, enabling you to confidently manage your own social media strategic and day-to-day planning
  • This course is suitable for your marketing/sales team who wish to design and create end-to-end digital marketing strategies for your organization
  • This course will enable your team to achieve the highest level of practical skills needed to succeed in Social Media Marketing
  • Full Workbook, Notes, and Best Practices
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Topics covered under our course include, but are not limited to:
  • 1. Social Media Marketing
  • 2. Social Media Reporting
  • 3. Social Media Planning
  • 4. Social Media Targeting Central
  • 5. Social Media Strategic Planning
  • 6. Social Media Account Set-up
  • 7. Social Media in HR
  • 8. Social Media in PR & Communications
  • 9. Social Media Global Impact
  • 10. Social Media Strategy & Policy

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Our Social Media Masterclass teaches you everything you need to know about Strategy, Communications, Community Building, Design, Advertising, and Reporting. You’ll be well-rounded on all things social media by the end of this course.

Day One

Our students get a firm foundation in social media strategy on day 1. We equip all trainees to speak as well about their strategy as they do to complete their own online campaign.

  • Social Media Global Impact, and its impact on the MENA Region and Qatar
  • Social Media Strategy & Policy, why it’s important and how it’s done
  • Social Media in PR & Communications, next generation PR
  • Social Media in E-commerce Sales
  • Social Media in Data Science
  • Social Media in Traditional Sales
  • Social Media in HR
  • Social Media Planning
  • Social Media Targeting Central
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Reporting

Day Two

Social Media Hands-on Lab – a day full of real-life case studies, exercises, and situations where you’re at the controls and reporting to a Board of Directors. This is where you take your learnings and apply them with our guidance and direction.

  • Social Media Strategic Planning
  • Defining your KPIs
  • Social Media Account Set-up
  • Visuals Lab – how to create awesome graphics
  • Copy Planning – how to write copy that sells
  • Contest Planning – end-to-end contest planning
  • Social Media in PR & Communications
  • Social in Sales
  • Social Media Campaign Planning
  • Simulation: Social Media Presentations on Realistic Business Situations

Questions About The Course

Q: Who should take this course?

A: Anyone who has experience managing their own personal social media accounts will be able to keep up in this course. Students will be able to accelerate their knowledge to the point they can apply it to their business or company immediately. The course is suitable for all levels of social media background.


Q: What is included in the training?

A: Students will receive two-days of 5-star training and facilities. Located at one of Qatar’s premier 5-star properties, students will get training materials, social media cheat sheets, a high amount of hands-on training, a certificate of achievement, and will become part of an alumni community to serve as a network and help group for months and years to come.


Q: What do I need to bring to the class?

A: All you need to bring is a laptop computer. If you don’t have one, let us know and we can provide a rental for a fee of QAR400.


Q: What is the focus of this course?

A: We teach social media from a PR & Communications background as well as a Commercial & Sales perspective. With 25 years digital marketing experience, you’ll be taught a well-rounded view of social media and be able to convey it throughout your organisation immediately. You’ll also learn the latest techniques to drive visits, followers, downloads, sales, and more, in a hands-on format.


Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

A: We accept Cash, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Cheques, or in select cases, Corporate Purchase Orders. All payments must be made on Day 1 of the course or before. For your convenience, we offer a payment collection service as well, where you can pay from the comfort of your home or office.

About the Instructor – Mr. Michael Stellwag from USA

Michael Stellwag is a 25-year marketing veteran from Chicago, Illinois, USA. He has a bachelors degree in Aviation Management from Embry-Riddle University, and an MBA from the University of North Texas. He has worked in leadership roles with Southwest Airlines, UBS Warburg,, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Qatar 2015.

Michael has led marketing efforts at some of the best travel companies worldwide, applying commercial business principles in everything he does. Under Stellwag’s leadership, luxury airlines, such as Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways have won numerous advertising industry accolades for their efforts in promoting their premium products online.

Stellwag later moved to the Qatar sports industry by joining Qatar 2015 to help organise the most important sporting event seen in the gulf, the world cup of handball. His efforts were instrumental in driving awareness and engagement with the 24th Men’s Handball World Championship.

He later founded SilverFox Digital Ltd, a Dublin-based boutique marketing communications firm. His company consults clients such as beIN Media Group, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar Foundation, Qatar Post, and numerous other retained clients around Qatar

Known as the SilverFox, Michael has spoken at numerous conferences around the region and in the United States. He’s also trained and consulted clients including top-tier consulting firms, hedge-funds, money managers, and educational institutions, particularly on digital and social media topics. He helps clients across the Middle East solve digital marketing & social media problems. Silverfox covers strategy through to execution. He consults on topics including Digital Media (programmatic, SEO, and SEM), Social Media (strategy, community, and marketing), Content Creation, Web Development, Mobile Marketing, Data Science, E-commerce, and more.

More recently, Michael has joined Clearspan Strategic LLC, a Chicago-based business consultancy, and is representing numerous US-based technologies including Pharmaceuticals and Cyber Security platforms across the MEA & ISC region.

Michael is a founding partner of a new Online Travel Agency being formed to serve the MENA travel market called Yallajet (to be launched in Fall of 2019).

Michael Stellwag is on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn

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