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Providing companies across the globe with web design services in Qatar, Silverfox helps companies improve the performance and security of their websites. With Silverfox, you can select from monthly, hourly, and after-hours website maintenance plans.

Your Business Can Benefit from Web Maintenance Services

Users discover new companies, products, and services every time they search online. During their first visit to your business website, they explore your services and products. Your company’s next sale can be made or broken by its first impression.

Due to this, website maintenance has become a key concern for businesses today.

Our site maintenance plans provide your company with a customized, secure, and seamless online experience that helps you deliver your message effectively. We also offer turnkey solutions to help you maximize the effectiveness of your web presence.

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Services for website maintenance include what?

You will receive the following services as part of our website maintenance services:

  • A regular update schedule
  • Support for technical issues
  • Maintenance for WordPress

We will regularly update our website

Our developers are constantly updating your site during business hours so that it remains functional and secure. The website maintenance services we provide include adding images, deleting copy, editing links, and more.

Following is an overview of the updates we include in our packages:

  1. Changes or additions to text.
  2. Basic edits and additions to photos.
  3. Adding or deleting pages using the existing page design.
  4. Changes to the navigation (adding, moving, and deleting items).
  5. Uploads or deletions of PDFs and other documents.
  6. Add or remove videos and pre-edited videos.
  7. Adding or removing links.
  8. Changing or replacing colors and backgrounds.

We would be happy to answer your questions regarding regular updates on our website.

Support services

Aside from maintaining your company’s website, you will also have access to our outstanding tech support. Our developers can assist us with a variety of challenges, including how to set up email in your business.

As part of your site maintenance services, your company can also request consulting support. No matter what your business needs, our talented team can provide you with a helping  perspective.

Maintenance for WordPress

Our website maintenance plans include WordPress support since many businesses use WordPress as their CMS. You will have access to WordPress updates and security patches as part of your package.

The website maintenance service includes what types of regular updates?

One question many companies ask regarding website maintenance services is, “What does regularly updating entail?” A good question, and website maintenance companies differ in their prices, which is why asking is so important.

Updates to a standard website (including those included in our site maintenance packages)  include:

  • Improvements to the overall site
  • Updates to products or services
  • Specials available online
  • Maintaining interactive features

Improvements to the overall site

From customers to employees to leads, people visiting your website can be a great gauge of its performance. Feedback from your site visitors provides you with invaluable insights to improve your site. These suggestions can improve your website’s performance and appearance as part of routine website maintenance.

Updates to products and services

It is inevitable for your company’s products, services, and prices to change as it grows. Because of this, companies need a systematic way to update existing products, adjust service prices, and so on.

Maintaining your company website keeps it up to date for users. In providing the latest products, services, and rates to streamline the shopping experience for your customers, this proactive step benefits your business in multiple ways.

Online shoppers rely on websites like yours to provide accurate information on your products before contacting you or visiting you in person. Keeping your website’s content up-to-date is crucial for this reason, among many others.

Specials available online

Keeping your website updated with your latest sales, promotions, and more is essential if you are an ecommerce company. In addition to offering specials online, you can also advertise in-person to drive customers to your location or to schedule an  appointment.

Your business stays competitive when you offer special promotions, discount programs, etc. The site needs to be updated as part of your short and long term sales efforts. Your sales can be boosted by using website maintenance services to create unique offers  for shoppers.

Maintaining interactive features

Websites that neglect interactive components can appear old-fashioned with ever-evolving technologies. You will lose potential and current clients if your site’s development pieces are not compatible with all browsers and devices. In addition, you damage your online reputation.

Bounce rates can also increase if your website has problems with its interactive features. If your site has a high percentage of people leaving without visiting another page, it is likely not delivering on user  expectations.

Website maintenance refines your site’s interactive features to ensure they’re functioning properly. The website maintenance services lets your team know if any of these features become outdated and require replacement ahead of time.

All the features on your website should be functioning in order for you to promote your products and services effectively.

In terms of web maintenance, what aren’t included?

It’s critical to know what your website maintenance package includes before investing in it (or switching providers). You can then choose what site maintenance plan is best for your business, along with ensuring you have the support you require.

These are some examples of what website maintenance services do not include:

  • Redesign of the navigation
  • Creation of media
  • Editing of media
  • Writing content
  • A new feature on the site
  • Redesigns of sites
  • Featured interactives
  • Search engine optimization

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