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With its popularity as a social network, YouTube is a great place for businesses to advertise, build brand equity, and increase sales. You can produce a significant return on investment for your business by investing in Silverfox’s competitive advertisement campaign.

Using YouTube Ad Services to Grow Your Brand

In addition to ranking second in terms of search volume, YouTube is also top for lead generation and sales.

Getting started is as simple as working with a trusted partner.
In addition to building campaigns and creating ads, Silverfox offers complete YouTube advertising solutions.

Moreover, you will get the following benefits when you buy YouTube ads from us:

  1. Client-facing representative
  2. We can track web calls and advanced lead statuses
  3. Monthly reports customized to your needs
  4. Ownership of an entire advertising account
  5. … and much more

Interested in boosting organic search? We can offer you the opportunity to speak to an experienced SEO strategist about improving your company’s search engine rankings as well as increasing revenue from them online.

We use YouTube advertising to market our products and services

Here are a few reasons why Silverfox is an excellent partner:

1. The reporting process should be transparent

It is transparent reporting, next to transparent pricing, that matters most when choosing an advertising company on YouTube. It is important to know what is happening with your advertising campaign and if it is working.

The transparency of our reporting gives you complete peace of mind. Your campaign will be tracked and you’ll know how it is performing. Seeing whether your videos are generating what you want gives you an insight into the effectiveness of your efforts.

Your business is also kept up to date with our transparent reporting. Your video marketing company can help you make improvements to your campaign if you know where you need to make changes.

2. Pricing transparency

The cost of marketing is always a major factor to consider whenever you are considering investing in a marketing strategy. Choosing the right methods for business growth and budget management is essential.

Prices are often hidden by companies, making this difficult. As a consequence, you will need to ask each provider for pricing information. Choosing the right agency can be a challenge when you’re in the market.

Transparent pricing is a hallmark of Silverfox. When you know what you’re getting and how much you’ll pay, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. After you sign a contract, there aren’t any hidden fees.

Our explicit pricing for YouTube advertising means you can make an informed decision due to knowing what each service will cost.

3. Training on a continuous basis

We continually enhance our video marketing knowledge since video trends change constantly. Through our continual training, we are able to apply our expertise to your videos, creating and promoting them in new ways.

As a result, your business will get more out of YouTube advertising services as you’ll have the best videos. With our company producing successful YouTube advertisements, you can be confident of great results.

Keep up with the latest trends

Keeping up with trends is one of our YouTube advertising agency’s responsibilities. A company that stays up to date on the changes in video marketing is your best choice.

YouTube advertising helps you make your videos successful by staying ahead of those trends. Video performances will be better, and your business will see more value from them.

5. Using metrics to track progress

You can gain access to campaign metrics when you hire our YouTube advertising service. Your campaign’s success can be determined by its metrics. We monitor the following metrics:

  • Actions earned. The actions that earn you money include likes, all subsequent views of the video, subscriptions, and more. Your business will look better if you get more actions. In addition to showing a higher level of interest and engagement, it reflects positively on your business.
  • Observations. In order to measure how many impressions your ads have gotten, you count the number of times it has been shown. The advertising count is independent of the length of the ad.
  • Views of videos. Your advertisement was watched many times by a single person. Only viewers who view your ad for 30 seconds or click on it are counted as views.
  • Rate of views. Based on the total view count divided by the total impression count, the view rate is expressed as a percentage. The effectiveness of your content can be gauged by how well your audience is responding to it. Views indicate interest in your content and engagement with it if there are many impressions.

Our YouTube advertising company monitors only a few of these metrics.

Furthermore, these metrics are monitored through a program.

Tracking your campaign is done through Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Due to YouTube’s ownership by Google, you can use these tools to measure campaign success.

6. Communication that is second to none

Unlike other types of advertising, with YouTube advertising agencies like Silverfox, you always know where your campaign is at all times.

You’ll be kept informed about the progress of your campaign by your dedicated Silverfox account manager.

Why should you advertise on YouTube?

You might wonder why you should invest in YouTube advertising services as you explore this option. Investing in YouTube advertising makes sense for these three reasons.

1. Video is a shareable format

You are investing in a medium that is easily shared when you choose YouTube advertising services. Over 5 billion videos get shared on YouTube’s platform. Videos are easy to share, and users enjoy showing content to their friends and family.

Your business can reach more people with videos since they can easily be shared. If someone shares a video and you have an ad on it, that friend will see your ad as well. Consequently, this increases your company’s exposure and increases the number of prospects it reaches.

2. There are millions of active users on YouTube

In order to get the most out of advertising services, you need to know that people will see them. Your goal is to reach people who are active on the platform and engage with it. Your campaign will reach an audience active on YouTube who regularly uses the platform.

Mobile users spend about 40 minutes watching YouTube on their devices. This platform is particularly popular with people who can spend a long time on it. Taking advantage of this opens up new opportunities for your business.

YouTube is used every day by different people for different reasons:

  • In order to purchase goods and services. Watching a video often leads to impulsive purchases. YouTube drives purchases whether it’s product reviews or promotional videos.
  • Traveling. You can learn about various areas and destinations by watching YouTube videos. Those seeking new destinations will find it helpful.
  • Watching entertainment content. Watching entertaining content on YouTube is a popular pastime for YouTube users. A favorite TV show may be featured or a YouTube star they follow may be featured.
  • Learning a skill. Learning how to do things is often made easier by how-to videos. Making and creating videos is one of the reasons why people rely on YouTube.

Your business will be able to connect with these leads if you advertise on YouTube. Get your customers to check out your business by reaching them with videos they watch most often.

3. Video uploads to YouTube are popular

The popularity of videos has soared dramatically. It has been discovered that people interact with videos 10 times more than they do with text. YouTube has become popular due to the need for visual representations of information.

Your YouTube videos will reach more people and engage them more effectively because YouTube is so popular. As YouTube receives a staggering 4 billion views per day, there are great opportunities for you to reach and engage  your audience.

YouTube advertising services are suitable for whom?

A YouTube ad agency like Silverfox may be necessary if you’ve been researching YouTube advertising services. Investing has several benefits:

Your video content needs to be promoted

Creating informative videos can help you grow your brand if you use YouTube advertising service. Problems arise when you don’t know how to promote your content to reach as many people as possible.

If you advertise on YouTube with our company, you will reach more potential customers.

Our smart targeting and bidding techniques will help you reach the right customers with your video ads.

Advertising takes up a lot of your time

Running a YouTube ad campaign isn’t always possible when you’re running a business. Ensure that your business runs smoothly on a daily basis. You don’t have to neglect YouTube advertising because of this.

Rather than managing your own advertising campaign, you can get our YouTube advertising firm to do it for you. We can help you carry out an effective campaign because we have the expertise and knowledge. Our understanding of the industry and expertise has helped our clients generate over $3 billion in sales across 7 million leads in the last five years.

We will handle your YouTube advertising campaign while you worry about running your business. By combining both, you’re able to achieve what you want.

YouTube advertising is a mystery to you

YouTube is a great place to start your advertising campaign if you’re unfamiliar with it.

The problem is you don’t really know how to begin, how to optimize your videos, or how to track your campaign’s results. Our agency can assist you in this regard.

Partnering with us means working with experts. You can rely on our experience when it comes to conducting a successful YouTube advertising campaign. Learning how YouTube works won’t be a headache.

Would you like to have a YouTube ad? Get a video production quote from us today!

Our video production services enable us to provide fresh content for YouTube ads as well as YouTube advertising.

Our YouTube advertising services include the following, in addition to YouTube:

Videos on the website and on social media

Sharing video content on social media is one of the most effective ways to share it.

It can be difficult to navigate social media and determine what type of content resonates with your audiences as social media becomes more complex. Your social media content can be more engaging if you use social engagement videos.

Silverfox provides social media campaigns with square video ads. 

As a result, square videos play twice as often and are shared three times more often than landscape videos. Plus, 200+ experts will collaborate on your campaign to bring their expertise to life!

Get a Free Quote on Video Production

Explainer videos

Marketing your brand name with explainer videos can be very effective. You can count on Silverfox to help you choose the perfect professional actor based on your brand and  message. Our script writers will help you engage your audience as well.

Furthermore, our team will guarantee you have the best video possible for your campaign by using the best production methods. The video will be integrated into your website for maximum exposure once it is completed.

Create a positive first impression by personalizing your audience’s experience with explainer videos. Engage your visitors and converse with them to build trust with your audience immediately.

Your business can take advantage of videos like these to introduce its strengths to new visitors. The videos can also be used to show visitors what makes you different, to advertise special offers, and to spur them on to make a purchase.

Explainer videos help customers or visitors to gain a better understanding of your products or services. Frequently asked questions, announcements of new products, and company updates are all among the uses of these videos.

You can use whiteboard videos to convey important information to your audience in a variety of ways.

Advertising on YouTube is Silverfox’s expertise

Your business can reach a vast audience on YouTube with the help of YouTube’s growth and popularity. When you invest in professional YouTube advertising services, you’ll increase your business growth.

As a social media marketing agency in Qatar, we’ve developed campaigns that are effective and drive results for our clients for years. The YouTube advertising campaigns we create for your business help your business grow.

We aren’t the only ones to say that. Browse our 300+ glowing testimonies to learn about our awesome services and results.

YouTube advertising services deliver real results

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Your business will grow with our help!

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